These Days R5F

Once again, it’s Friday and time for five random thoughts:

1.) After SO many days of rain, wind and tidal flooding, the skies and sunsets this week seemed more beautiful than ever. This  photo was taken Tuesday evening as Motor Man and I waited to see the International Space Station fly over.   FYI, sign up at for email notifications letting you know when the ISS is visible in your area.

sunset 10-6-2015 7-13-03 PM

2.) Since beach-combing is supposed to be exceptionally good following a nor’easter/hurricane, my friend and I went in search of treasure Wednesday afternoon.  We saw quite a bit of changes in the beach since the storm. And there was a relic there that we didn’t recall seeing before.  I took a photo and showed it to Motor Man when we got home. He decided that he’d like to see it in person, so we did that yesterday. We spoke to the property owner and learned that it’s an old steel buoy from a boat building business in that area not long after the turn of the century. Hurricane Isabel moved about 500 feet from its original location. We aren’t sure why we haven’t noticed it before. (Please  pardon my footwear: those are my beach-combing shoes. As for the white socks, well, there’s just no excuse….  I didn’t realize there was going to be a photo shoot.)

db on buoy

3.) Last week, I stopped in to see Marshall at the flag/gift shop he and his dad own and operate.  As I was walking in, an older couple was coming out the door.  I overheard the man say to his wife: “Interesting young man.  I enjoy talking with people like that.”.  Yes, this proud mama smiled to herself.

marshall db sundae 12-25-2014 8-15-09 PM

4.) Last week, during our trip to the Outer Banks during the storm, we met a local couple who had come to the oceanfront to see the waves.  We took a photo of them, and they returned the favor. At that point, we were definitely sporting the windblown look.

dbjr1 10-3-2015 11-56-27 AM

5.) On our way back from the beach, we took a different route home.  As we drove through the town of Edenton, we spotted this beautiful old Victorian home for sale.  Sigh….

victorian 10-3-2015 3-19-31 PM

Enjoy the weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “These Days R5F

  1. Nice randomness this week………..weeks full of “random” are my favorite kind of weeks!


  2. Rain seems to be subsiding here as well. Looks like a promising weekend ahead.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. What lovely heartfelt pictures! Truly enjoyed your post 🙂

  4. very nice fives… I guess the beach does look different now after all that wind and rain. I am headed down to Corolla for a week. I love Edenton. Stayed in a bed and breakfast there once and loved it.

  5. Oh, I meant to comment about your son. He’s been raised right. Is the flag shop on main street. Nice place.

  6. Looks like Motor Man and you are anchoring each other against the wind. You should be proud, Mama – he is a fine young man. Love the Victorian – I want to rescue all of them, but know that it’s not possible. Edenton is a beautiful town. You never know what treasures you’re going to find at the beach – on it or in the sky!

  7. You know you are reading a GOOD blogging post when each picture and article was so interesting. I couldn’t read fast enough! Couldn’t wait to see what you found on the beach, and picture (shoes were perfect for the the day and cute to “boot”), I have always loved Edenton, the way we used to go to Nags Head for years. and couldn’t wait to see what house posted, and finally, I loved the tousled beach look! A great entertaining read and why I look forward to These Days of Mine!!

  8. you always look so cute, Dianna, that I didn’t notice the shoes till you pointed them out. I think Marshall has your smile – and that Victorian home? Major sigh — so dreamy, wish she was mine! (and that I didn’t work and could spend all my days out on that porch, shining her up and enjoying the view!!) Hugs MJ

  9. Wow! The house is gorgeous! I think you need to go back and make an offer. Great photo of you and MM, Dianne!

  10. Very good to see the sun again! Great first photo – it’s always cool watching the ISS go over.. looking forward to the next transit !
    That’s an interesting history about the buoy .. 2/3’s of it still buried, huh??
    That house reminds me of one in Connecticut that was featured in a movie a few years back …

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a fine you came upon on the beach. I love the pic of you setting on it. Marshall is fine young man and I am happy to see other people have the same opinion of him I do. I enjoy talking to Marshall too, when I can make it in the store. That is a beautiful old home. Have a good weekend.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sorry s/b find.

  13. I like your white socks! I also liked the comment you overheard about your son. That is so wonderful. 🙂 Happy weekend.

  14. a gorgeous old home for sale – i would be sighing too!

  15. That is a beautiful home. Thanks for the ISS info. I checked the website, but finally gave up. We’ll see how it works with text message. Great compliment for Marshall. You and MM both rock the windblown look.

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