Remembering Aggie

Tomorrow, I will conclude my posts about our visit to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue facility last Saturday.

But, today….today, I have sad news.

You most likely recall my posts about Aggie, the white horse we see en route to and from the Outer Banks.

Aggie hasn’t been well the past few weeks, and sadly, she passed away yesterday morning.  She has so many fans.  As news of her passing spread, her Facebook page filled with notes of condolences for her owners and others who loved her, as well as photos and shared memories of her.

Nearly every time we went to the Outer Banks, we stopped by her pasture with a granola bar to share. Motor Man always, always took pictures of me with her.  I had stopped sharing them for the most part, because I assumed you may have tired of seeing them.

Recently, because of her illness, she had been confined to a corral close to her stable and hadn’t been out to her fence at the side of the highway.  The last time we were able to visit with her was on October 5 – one month ago today.

db and aggie 10-5-2015 1-40-09 PM

It will be so sad to drive by her pasture on the way to the Outer Banks on future trips.

DB AND AGGIE 10-5-2015 1-39-26 PM

 I know that time will ease the sorrow, but we’ll always remember her.

db aggie 10-5-2015 1-39-47 PM

How true the sign that one of her fans made for her fence.

spirit1 10-5-2015 1-41-29 PM

Run free, sweet spirit. We hope you knew how much you were loved here on earth.

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Remembering Aggie

  1. I know that so many people are mourning the loss of the beautiful horse and friend. I am keeping you all in my thoughts ad prayers.

  2. I’m sorry, Dianna. You obviously had a special connection to her, and she was a very lucky girl to have so many to love her! MJ

  3. It makes me happy knowing that Aggie had so many fans and that so many people would stop to visit her and show her all that love for so many years. I know she’s running free and wild again where she is now – but a bit of her heart will always be in that field where she gave so much joy to so many people.


  4. I think everyone who traveled that road looked for Aggie. Heads will still turn looking for her. Thanks for sharing your love for her in your posts. Treasured pictures!

  5. Such sad news. Unfortunately, although I looked for her, I always managed to miss her pasture. Now, she’s gone. I know you will miss her.

  6. Very sad. I know she’s not the first white horse that has occupied that space and my only hope is that if they get two next time. Horses are pack animals and don’t like being alone. I always felt sorry for her because she was always alone. I guess lots of other passers by did too which is why she had so many “friends” stop by.

  7. Such sad news, Dianna…I’m sorry. Aggie touched many, her spirit will carry on.

  8. I know the drive down there just won’t be the same anymore..
    But I know you have the pics to remember her with .. : )

  9. Very sad news. I know you will miss seeing her.

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A sweet spirit now and then. I know she is spreading her wings in heaven.

  11. She had her own personal fan club, I have a feeling she knew she was loved.

  12. Very sad about Aggie. Her owners must be incredibly heart broken. I am glad I found her page through you. It was lovely she had so many visitors and a page of her own. She had the sweetest face,

  13. Sorry to read this Dianna. But sweet that she was loved and will be missed. ~ Sheila

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