Daily Archives: December 9, 2015

Gingerbread Man

Last week, I received a private message from a former co-worker who’s now a friend on Facebook.

She wrote: “Do you remember this?” and attached this photo:

gingerbread man-001

Immediately, I remembered making these.  They were brown kraft paper with a thin layer of batting inside, stitched around the edges.  The eyes were tiny black beads. I made many of them for friends, but didn’t keep one for myself, and hadn’t thought of them iin years.

My former co-worker friend also wrote:
I have thought about you every year I have put it on my tree.”

I remember I began making these in 1996, but before I could include that date in a message to her, my friend wrote that she thought it was about 19 years ago that I gave it to her.

Now, that’s one well preserved gingerbread man.

~These Days Of Mine~