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Blessing Of The Hounds

Motor Man and I had a new experience yesterday. We were invited to attend the Blessing of the Hounds ceremony prior to a fox hunt being held at Bacon’s Castle.

Eddie, who invited us, is a local resident, and we’ve known each other since childhood.  His wife is one of the masters of the hunt organization. Eddie and I are friends on Facebook, and he had seen the photos I post of “my” Outer Banks horses. He thought I might like to be there to take pictures of the horses on the Castle property. Motor Man and I knew nothing about fox hunts, but Eddie was nice enough to explain much of it to us.

We didn’t know beforehand, but a friend of ours officiated in blessing not only the hounds, but also the riders, the horses and the property owners.

blessinga 12-6-2015 10-41-32 AM

Following the Blessing and the riders partaking of the Stirrup Cup, Motor Man and I watched as they headed toward the fields for the hunt.

trees and horse head 12-6-2015 10-59-10 AM

You know I was a happy girl: horses and Bacon’s Castle, all in the same morning.

rider and tree best 12-6-2015 10-59-31 AM

Motor Man and I rode with Eddie in his truck to the fields behind the Castle. He positioned his vehicle so we could watched as the hounds and riders approached.

riders and hounds 12-6-2015 11-29-53 AM

The event was originally scheduled for last month, but inclement weather forced it to be postponed until yesterday, when the weather definitely cooperated.

path 12-6-2015 11-20-52 AM

I’m glad Eddie realized this was something I’d like to see, and thank him for teaching us a little about the sport.

bye 12-6-2015 11-20-17 AM

It’s a nice addition to my Bacon’s Castle memories.

(If you’re new to the blog and wondering about Bacon’s Castle, this post will explain my connection.)

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