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The Wreath Project

Today’s post is, once again, about horses.  So, please bear with me.

A few weeks ago, my friend, Donna, suggested that we get together and work on a craft project for Christmas.  We really didn’t make any plans, and I forgot about our conversation…..until someone posted a picture on my Facebook page of a Christmas wreath they thought would appeal to me.

Donna and I began our crafting day early last Saturday morning. We started with three purchased wire frames and a frasier fir tree.

db donna wreath forms 12-12-2015 10-52-06 AM

We toiled nearly all day, snipping branches and tying bunches of fir to the forms. Finally, Motor Man dragged us away for a quick lunch break.  By late afternoon, we were finished.  These were our creations:

donna db wreaths 12-12-2015 3-52-52 PM

I won’t say who’s responsible for this next photo – other than: it wasn’t Donna nor me. Oh, and I will mention that Motor Man was our photographer.

donna db silly horse pic 12-12-2015 3-54-13 PM

Here is that poor fir tree after we finished gathering our greens.

bare tree 12-13-2015 9-09-46 AM

In addition to making one for each of us, we also made a third wreath.  This one was for sweet Aggie.

 donna db aggies wreath2 12-12-2015 5-07-59 PM

Motor Man and I drove to her pasture Sunday afternoon and placed it on a fence post in front of her barn.

aggies 12-13-2015 3-41-43 PM

The wreaths weren’t particularly difficult to make (although we had our doubts when we first began). They were time-consuming, but it was a fun day, with Motor Man lending a hand when needed, and Christmas music playing on the radio.

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