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Horsepower: His And Hers

Last Tuesday morning, Motor Man and I hit the road, heading west at o-dark-thirty. Once the sun was up and broke through the clouds, we saw some beautiful scenery. This is New River Gorge in West Virginia.

new river gorge1 12-8-2015 9-44-49 AM

Our ultimate destination was Indianapolis for the annual Performance Racing Industry trade show.  It’s a huge event, and we’ve attended several times in the past.

But we sort of got sidetracked in Louisville. Although we’d skirted the city many times in the past, we’d never actually BEEN there. We stayed overnight Tuesday at the Galt House Hotel, located in the heart of Louisville on the Ohio River.  Two riverboats, The Belle of Louisville and The Spirit of Jefferson are docked nearby. Unfortunately, neither of them were offering excursions during our brief visit, but we enjoyed a stroll along the beautiful riverfront near sunset.

belle of louisville 12-8-2015 4-02-17 PM

Since the weather was unseasonably warm and pleasant, that evening we took a walk around some of the city streets, taking in the festive Christmas lights.

And….we found a horse! Meet Gus.

db jr gus 12-8-2015 8-09-09 PM

As you might guess, Gus was providing carriage rides.  And we just couldn’t resist.

jrdb carriage best 12-8-2015 8-10-14 PM

Wednesday morning, we were off to Indy. That evening, we enjoyed the Christmas decorations there, including this beautiful window display. (Sorry, no way to avoid those reflections.)

shop window 12-9-2015 7-14-49 PM

Wouldn’t you just know it?  There were carriage rides in Indy, too!

db jr carriage indy 12-9-2015 7-49-40 PM

Thursday, we attended the trade show, where “his” version of horsepower was one of the main topics of conversation.

However, no rides were offered there.

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