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Random Five….Ornaments

A couple of years ago, Motor Man and I decided to buy a pencil-type Christmas tree.  So it doesn’t require as many ornaments as a larger tree.

Today, I’m sharing a few of the ornaments with special meaning. (Note: for garland on our tree, I use burlap ribbon, so that’s in the background of the pictures.)

1.) On our tree, there are six of these stockings that I crocheted many years ago.  Three are “multi-colored” like this,  there’s also a solid green one, and two red ones. Marshall was just a little boy when I made these.

stocking1 12-17-2015 6-09-56 PM 12-17-2015 6-09-56 PM

2.) Speaking of Marshall, this ornament was new for his first Christmas.

babys first 12-17-2015 6-53-56 PM

3.)  When Motor Man and I were first “seeing” each other, we took a day trip to the Outer Banks, specifically Manteo, to The Christmas Shop.  The only thing I bought was this tiny tug boat ornament.  Motor Man has always told me of his childhood days, when his family lived not far from the waterfront. He loved hearing the tug boat captains communicate with each other by tooting the boat horns.

 tug1 12-17-2015 6-28-01 PM

4.) And, speaking of the Outer Banks, a few weeks ago, we discovered a new shop there with items crafted by local artists. This ornament, made of glass, features a hand-painted image of one of “my” wild horses of Corolla.

corolla ornament 12-17-2015 6-08-55 PM

5.) And, finally, this ornament isn’t dated, but it was cross-stitched by our pastor’s wife for my mom (whose name was Donnie).  I’m thinking this was probably in the mid 1980’s. Although the frame looks black in the picture, it’s actually Christmas green. From the time Mom no longer put up a Christmas tree, it’s been displayed on mine.

donnie ornament 12-17-2015 6-08-30 PM

But, of course,  according to Sundae…

sundae under tree 12-15-2015 9-36-13 PM

she’s the only reason we even put up a tree.

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