“Famous” Little Buck

Saturday morning, as Sundae looked out from her window seat, she alerted us to something of interest in the yard.

It took some patience for me to get a photo, but it was worth the wait.

little buck 1-9-2016 8-12-52 AM

I was finally able to get the picture when he paused in front of our kitchen window.

Our local paper accepts photo submissions from readers and prints one each day. I submitted this one Saturday morning, and it was in yesterday’s paper.

So….less than 24 hours after having his picture taken, this little buckaroo was semi-famous.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to ““Famous” Little Buck

  1. Great photo….he’s a nice looking guy!


  2. I saw it in the paper and immediately thought it was your photo.

  3. He is pretty handsome… I see his eyelashes!

  4. Well, he IS quite the male model! 😉

  5. GREAT photo – it’s like he’s posing for you. Pretty in photos but not in my garden.

  6. Wonderful! You don’t often see bucks in the neighborhood.

  7. I can see why … it’s a great shot !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Congrats and what a GREAT shot!

  9. He’s so handsome! Great shot!

  10. Your patience paid off handsomely!

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