Gotcha, Sundae!

Today, we celebrate five years of having our kitty, Sundae, in our lives. Five years ago, she was a scrawny little thing, crying most of the night because she was in an unfamiliar place.

sundae 4-1-2011 3-01-16 PM

But, she’s changed quite a bit in five years.

sundae 8-24 8-23-2013 7-27-59 AM

She’s become a happy kitty, comfortable in her surroundings and loving her family (although not necessarily loving having her picture taken).

marshall sundae db jr best 6-4-2015 8-08-44 PM

Five years ago, when I researched online about adopting a cat from the humane society that I chose, I found an application to download. I filled out the form and took it with me when I went to look at kitties. One of the volunteers said to me, more than just a little haughtily: “You know you can’t just take a cat home today….you have to be approved.”

While I visited with the kitties and narrowed down my choices, the person in charge came to me and said: “Everything is fine.  Just pick out which kitty you’d like to adopt.”  I wondered how I’d been approved so quickly.

A day or two later, when I took Sundae to our vet for a check-up, the mystery was solved. (On the adoption application form there had been questions regarding previous pets and requiring the name of your vet.) When I arrived there with Sundae, the receptionist said to me: “I told them: GIVE THAT GIRL A CAT!”.  The staff there had come to know us well during the time we had our previous cat, Beezy.  There’s something to be said for good references.

This is a recent photo of Sundae.  And although I don’t think she’s quite as plump as it looks in this picture, she’s definitely not the scrawny baby she was five years ago.


Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Sundae!

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Gotcha, Sundae!

  1. Happy Gotcha Day Sundae! You were certainly “Gotcha’d” by the right family – you’re living “the life” in comfort, warmth and safety… wonder your Mom picked you out at the shelter – the prettiest cat there!! Have a super celebration today – I hope you get a special treat of some kind.

    Love, Sammy

  2. This is such a loving story. Love the “give this girl a cat!” and why be haughty when you are trying to find homes for so many deserving animals? Anyway this was such a sweet loving post about your housemate Sundae. I have to say the plump picture has a serious “Garfield ” look to it! Lasagna anyone?

  3. Aw…what a great story, Dianna. I’m happy you found Sundae.

  4. Precious, much-loved kitty who definitely knows when the camera is out. She poses beautifully. Congrats to Sundae and her forever family.

  5. Sundae is one very fortunate kitty to have been adopted by you and MM. 🙂

  6. 5 years ?!
    She found the perfect home ..
    & that first pic is almost hard to believe – she has gotten plumper !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You are very lucky, Sundae, to have a lovely family.

  8. She’s precious! And so lucky to have such a loving family.

  9. I am a day late BUT still HAPPY you found the perfect hoomins for you and they found such a sweet girl 5 years ago!

  10. She’s so lucky to have found you, it’s a purrfect little story! That first picture – aww … MJ

  11. Love the glowing reference they gave for you!

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