If It Slithers…

Saturday evening, Motor Man and I returned home just around the time of sunset. (Alert:  if you’re frightened by just seeing a photo of a snake, you may want to close out this post and come back Friday.)

sunset 5-28-2016 8-13-05 PM

After we pulled in the garage, I asked Motor Man to leave the door up, since I was going out to spray Liquid Fence on some plants to try to deter the deer.

When I finished that little chore, I stopped at the vehicle to get my purse and camera.  I  walked around the front of the vehicle to get something from behind the driver’s seat.  As I cleared the front bumper, I saw it….between the vehicle and the garage wall…..

snake 5-28-2016 8-33-40 PM

I ran up the steps to the door and screamed to Motor Man: “There’s a snake in the garage!”  He yelled back: “How big?”  “BIG!!”

By the time Motor Man got back to the garage, the snake had slithered into a corner….a corner that, obviously, needed sweeping. Badly.

snake 5-28-2016 8-31-23 PM

Where he ended up just happened to be directly under where all our garden tools are stored: the hoe, the shovel, etc. Not that any of that does much good on a snake that size, especially on a cement floor.

(And yes, I realize that this snake is probably harmless.  And he probably protects our property from the really bad snakes.  But, as Motor Man says, a snake is hazardous to our health in that it will cause US to hurt ourselves while attempting to put as much distance between us and him as possible.)

So he needed to go. Since Motor Man wasn’t having much luck, I quickly dialed the sheriff’s department to ask if anyone with animal control was on call that late.  The dispatcher said they’d send a deputy.

In the meantime, Motor Man had managed to “detain” the snake using one of those telescoping tree limb loppers.

The deputy thankfully arrived quickly, donned a pair of gloves, gave the snake a close inspection, then picked him up….

I didn't ask permission to use his picture..

I didn’t ask permission to use his picture..


And, with Motor Man’s help, deposited him in a repurposed file box the deputy had in the trunk of his vehicle.

jr and deputy 5-28-2016 8-45-19 PM

He told us that he was going to take the snake away and release it. Motor Man asked him if he could take it about 20 miles away before doing so. And I suggested that he tell that snake not to come back to our house.

So, we’re thinking that, at the end of this call, his conversation with the dispatcher might go something like this: “Headquarters, I’m clear. Snake has been released. Warning.”

And after all that, I got busy and swept the garage.

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “If It Slithers…

  1. Oh my goodness. What a startling way to be greeted in your garage. Great set of photos of the encounter.
    I’m happy you & MM contacted the authorities and got the snake taken care of without any blood shed.
    Releasing it back into the wild with a warning is truly a wonderful way to do it. 🙂

  2. YUCK………Well thank heavens for the deputy who probably has seen some whopper snakes before…..at the risk of repeating myself – YUCK.


  3. OMG! Firstly, I bet it was the fastest that garage has ever been swept because of the adrenaline! That was a big snake, I know they do no harm etc…and I am glad the brave deputy did not have to harm the snake without evil intent (but very scary nonetheless! ) I thoght it cute Motor Man yells “How big”? You had me at snake!! Well documented wild life adventure!

  4. Yikes! He was a biggie! We’ve had a few that size lurking outside on our property…thankfully never inside. You’re right, the black snakes are good to have around as they keep the copper heads away.

  5. Made me laugh thinking about the deputy’s return call to the dispatcher. Dad would never kill a black snake because they took care of the mice in the barns. BUT, I will HURT myself too while attempting to get away from them. So glad you found a sympathetic deputy. And good riddance!

  6. If It Slithers… great title. Very nice of the deputy to come and take it away, very nice. Our sheriff’s department would have left it to us.

  7. Oh gross. Yes. He needed a new home and I am glad you had a deputy who could catch and release him. 🙂 And the plus side—a nice clean garage!

  8. Thank goodness for that deputy! Hopefully, Mr. Snake is far, far away now.

  9. All’s well that ends well !
    & if it slithers .. it’s gotta go !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a time you and JR had! I want no part of anything that has to do with snakes. I was bitten by a Copper Head in the 50’s that was enough for me. Glad everything worked out alright.

  11. Good gravy! I’ll stick with my cute, little tree frog. 😉

  12. Yikes! I think his brother (your snake’s) lives in our poolhouse shed so I refuse to go in there. Bill says he keeps the mice away. Ha!

  13. So this is the rest of the story! LOL Glad you didn’t have to spend the night with the snake in the garage.

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