Quick Friends

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned Renee and Mike. It seemed a bit odd to call them friends, since we had just met them briefly on the beach last summer while taking pictures of the wild horses.

But sometimes, you just “click” with someone, and a friendship is quickly born.

After the farewell party for Baby William at the Corolla Wild Horse Facility a couple of weeks ago, Renee and Mike continued on to the Outer Banks to begin their vacation.  Motor Man and I returned home, but later in the week, made a quick trip to the beach to join our friends. They’d vacationed in the area before, but had never extensively explored the beach in search of horses.

We were on the beach at sunrise, our very favorite time of the day to be there. It requires early rising, but it is SO worth it.

sunrise 5-16-2016 5-55-22 AM

Shortly after picking up Renee and Mike for their tour, we hit the lottery.  One of Renee’s wishes was to see Baby North Star, so far the only Corolla foal born this spring.  And, sure enough, we saw her with her family, down by the ocean.

north star2 5-16-2016 8-20-27 AM

I’m sure Motor Man and Mike wondered just how many times two grown women could squeal with delight at seeing that tiny horse. We photographed them from our vehicle a good distance away and then watched as they walked right by us.  (More squeals.)

Here sits a most patient man...

Here sits a most patient man…

This tour company aims to please: here’s your photo op with Baby North Star, folks.

renee and mike 5-16-2016 8-21-31 AM

And I managed to get this one of North Star with the dune as a backdrop. It almost appears that she’s standing in front of wallpaper.

baby north star 5-16-2016 8-22-21 AM

After a morning of finding and photographing horse, we introduced Renee and Mike to one of our favorite lunch spots: Cap’n Franks. (Their treat: thanks again!) Afterward, we posed for a picture along with their two sweet canine family members, Bodhi and Beemer.

williams keens close up 5-16-2016 12-19-028

Renee and Mike are just proof that a friendship can come about in an instant. And those wild Corolla horses are responsible for this one.

~These Days Of Mine~





19 responses to “Quick Friends

  1. reneewilliams7

    Oh, my goodness! How sweet is this? Thank you so much for this lovely post, Dianna! This is beautiful! We adore both you and Motor Man! What a terrific day! Loved this!!! 🐴❤️😊😊

  2. Such a sweet post! I know if you have Corolla horses in common you do indeed have a friend for life, and Dianna and Motor Man are the most generous friends in sharing their knowledge of these beauties and the island in general. I was glad I got to meet them as well at William ‘ s farewell party.Friendship is not based on years or time, but the true connection of the beautiful spirit within!

    • reneewilliams7

      Donna, that is so beautiful! Thank you for the kind sentiments! I agree whole-heartedly, and an added treat for us was getting to meet you! Like I said earlier, you radiate good energy! Thank you for shining some of your light on us!

  3. How nice of you and MM to take Mike and Renee on a tour. I’m sure it’s something they won’t forget. Aw…I’d be squealing at North Star too! Have a wonderful and safe holiday, Dianna.

  4. Baby North Star is adorable. It’ll be fun watching him grow and becoming a vital part of the herd.
    I think you & MM should start your own tour business. That would be so fun seeing these beauties and sharing your knowledge and love of them. 🙂

  5. Love your outfit 🙂

  6. North Star is going to be a real stunner! Beautiful coloring already. I agree with everyone else – friendship is a connection and you definitely connected with Mike and Renee. Nice of you to show them the ropes of “horse-watching” on the beach – I’m sure they took notes and will be doing that every time they vacation there in the future.


    • reneewilliams7

      Oh, Pam, we do! It was so kind of Dianna and Motor Man to give us a private tour of the island and show us the best spots to view the horses. We had such a fun day!

  7. I’d definitely say you hit the lottery!
    And a gorgeous day to win it !

  8. reneewilliams7

    Oh, we had a blast! We’re very grateful to have met Dianna and Motor Man!

  9. What fun! Great pictures of that beautiful baby and great new friends!

  10. He is a beautiful colt. It sounds like a really fun day.

  11. New friends, horses, and the beach… perfection!

  12. Love it! If we make it down that way I’ll be looking for this little guy! ~ Sheila

  13. Oh My Goodness! The picture of North Star against the dunes is divine! What a perfect shot. Of course, seeing the sunrise and horses with friends is the best treat. So glad for the friendship the four of you have developed. NEAT!!!

  14. What a sweet post. So glad Renee got to see North Star! You and Motor Man are the BEST tour guides ever.

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