A Winning Weekend

The annual boat race known as the Hampton Cup Regatta took place this weekend at our “home” course near historic Ft. Monroe in Hampton, Va. It’s one of the oldest boat races in the country, the first one taking place in 1926.

One of my favorite sights at a boat race are the roostertails, the spray of water from the backs of the boats.

roostertails 8-7-2016 4-07-52 PM

Boat races are family events, and friends of ours brought their three granddaughters to Sunday’s race. They made some new friends, and got t-shirts and autographs from David of Black Falcon Racing.  It was the first trip to Hampton for David and his wife, Jodi, who live in Canada.

girls 8-7-2016 3-38-24 PM

I think David has three new fans.

david and girls2 8-7-2016 3-39-34 PM

Motor Man had a couple of engine customers competing in the two -day event. One of those racers,  Doug, had two second-place finishes in the 2.5 stock class, and the other, Todd, won The Eastern Divisional Championship in his 5-litre.

jrdb todd 8-7-2016 3-59-42 PM

Before a win is official, the boat, including the engine, has to pass post-race tech inspection.  Motor Man was nearby for that process.

jr at tech 8-7-2016 7-08-35 PM

The following day, we were all excited to see a picture of Todd’s boat, taken during the race, on the front page of our local paper. We sent Todd back to Canada with several copies to share with his friends and family.

front page daily press

Daily Press photo

Congrats to our customers for races well run…. and to my Motor Man.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “A Winning Weekend

  1. Looks like a fun day…and great weather too!

  2. Always nice to have one (or more!) of Motor Man’s customers and/or your friends do well or win a race. Looks like a gorgeous day too!


  3. CONGRATS Motor Man and Todd and Doug. WOW!!! Those rooster tails are cool looking. A fun day all around!

  4. That has to be so exciting to see your “engines” win! Great feeling and congrats to the winners!

  5. Fantastic! Congratulations to all! What an exciting weekend!

  6. ~applause~ I agree, it was truly a winning weekend. And you all had beautiful weather for the races. Congratulations on the friends wins. 🙂

  7. Neat! What a great day for all involved. And congrats to Motor Man – those must be some mighty fine engines.

  8. Roostertails… I like that! Looks like a wonderful day and congrats to the winners!

  9. Congrats to everybody! Always cool to see front-page coverage ; )

  10. It makes me smile seeing the picture of the girls excited for an autograph from my husband. It was a highlight of our race day. Thank you. Your blog is enjoyable reading, and I quickly got distracted from this post delving into some of the archives. I’m quite taken with Antoine the swan!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great day for many!

  12. Congratulations all around!

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