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Monday Morning Mews

At the suggestion of some of my readers, I’m going to try something new here on These Days.  On Mondays, our kitties, Sundae and Gypsy, will take turns sharing mews news from their world with our loyal readers. Since Sundae is the “elder”, she’ll begin the series today.

Hello, efurryone and welcome to the inaugural edition of Monday Morning Mews. Most of you probably already know me, but just in case you’re new here, I’m a calico that was living at the humane society until I adopted Motor Man and Motor Mommy in 2011.

My mews news this morning is that I HAVE A BRAND NEW KITTY BED!

A couple of years ago, Motor Man purchased a carrier for his laptop computer. Then, one night, he placed it on the floor over the heat/air conditioning vent to block the air flow.  I immediately commandeered that laptop case as my own. (Didn’t I do a good job of dispersing kitty fur all over it??)


During the winter months, that was my spot of choice. I enjoyed the wonderful heat emanating from that vent.

Then, last week, Motor Man suggested to Motor Mommy that she buy a REAL kitty bed for me and place it over the vent. He thought that may be more comfy for me than the laptop case.

Motor Mommy did so immediately, but she had her doubts.  She knows how peculiar particular us felines can be, and thought it might take a while for me to become accustomed to something new in the house – especially in MY area.

But I really fooled her…. I took to it right away – even before she had a chance to remove the price tag.


That Motor Man must really love me; when he first asked Motor Mommy to buy a bed for me, he said: “If she has a bed, her back won’t be right up against the wall.”


“It would be so much softer for her.”


“And she’ll have somewhere to rest her head.”


I wish all the kitties in the world had a Motor Man.

~These Days Of Mine~



Random Five Friday

Today’s five randoms:

1.)  On this Veteran’s Day, we honor those who are serving and have served our country, and we remember those veterans who have passed on. Sadly, I think we tend to take our freedoms for granted in this country.


2) Today, I’m also remembering my cousin, Lona, who passed away three years ago today. I think of her often and still miss her so much.

nan and lona 3rd 5-22-2010 10-02-16 AM

3.) Motor Man and I were recently, once again, invited to the Blessing of the Hounds prior to a fox hunt at Bacon’s Castle. I, of course, took many, many pictures, some showing the dozens of horses and riders who participated.  But this is one of my favorites.


4.) It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a sunrise or sunset picture.  So here’s one of a recent sunset from our yard, complete with an anchored sailboat in the distance.


5.) Tomorrow is the Autumn Vintage Market on Main Street in our little town, rescheduled from last month when Hurricane Matthew paid us a visit.  My friends, Donna and Shirley, are planning to come to attend. It’s become a huge event with live music, antiques and just “vintage” items. We’re hoping to find some  new-to-us treasures. And if not, we’ll still enjoy browsing and lunch afterward.

Care to share your plans for the weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~

New Kid On The Block

Last week, I read on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page that there was a new foal – a beautiful colt – born into the herd. He was just recently discovered, and they estimate he was born in early October.  It’s rather late in the season for a little one to arrive; according to the CWHF, this is only the second one born in October in the past 10 years.

So…naturally, on our next trip to the beach, I had high hopes (if not expectations) of seeing the new baby.

Motor Man and I had driven down one of the dead-end dirt “streets” in Corolla and were in the process of turning around at the end when I spotted…..little Gregorio and his parents walking up a path.


Thankfully, my camera was already in my lap. Just look at that gorgeous little face.


There really wasn’t much time for pictures, because Gregorio and family never stopped walking.


They walked up one path directly in front of us and immediately headed down another nearby path. (You would think they could have stopped for at least a few seconds to munch on some grass….)


But, in 12 seconds, I took 8 pictures of that sweet baby.  And you know that we’ll be watching for him on our future trips, and I’ll be sharing pictures if when we see him again.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Kitties Have Spoken

I have recently been advised by both Sundae and Gypsy that they feel they are not being adequately recognized on this blog.

So, today is kitty day here on These Days.

Every evening, Sundae and I retire to the recliner where I attempt to read the paper, while Sundae turns and twists and turns and twists and finally curls up in my lap.  I recently snapped this close-up of her during one of her “lap times”.


Meanwhile Gypsy continues to rule the office and wrap all our visitors (and us) around her paw. And she recently discovered the relaxing magic of a kitty brush.


Hopefully, now the kitty egos will be satisfied for awhile. Purrhaps I should plan posts about our fur-babies more often.

~These Days Of Mine~

Another Year, Another Calendar Contest

For the fourth consecutive year, I am submitting photos in the 2018 Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar contest.  I have been so honored to have had photos chosen for the three years that I’ve participated.

Each year, I also hold a little contest here on These Days, offering my readers a chance to select which photo they think may be chosen by the judges to appear in the calendar.   Here are my three that I submitted for this contest:

Picture # 1: This photo was taken on May 25, 2016.  It was the most amazing day  we’ve ever experienced on the Carova beach. The wind was from the west, which, sadly, causes the flies to be horrible for the horses.  To get relief, the horses head for the beach, and we lost count that day after seeing over 70 of them along the water’s edge.  In this picture,  I like that you can see splashes of water from the waves. And the beauty of those sleek black stallions against the blue of the ocean…..


2.) Picture # 2:  this photo was taken the same day as the first picture. As you can imagine, with so many harems down by the water, several of the stallions had little…..disagreements.  They were all resolved rather quickly, but sorting it out involved a little action and quite a bit of whinnying and snorting.


Picture # 3: taken December 26, 2015. I can’t say exactly what it is about this photo that I find so striking: the dark colors of the horses among the otherwise drab background?  The long white blaze of the black horse?


Imagine that you are a judge for the calendar: which photo would you select?

~These Days Of Mine~

Fun, With A Touch Of Bittersweet

Friday, I left you with two cliffhangers, one being whether or not my friend, Donna and I would dress up for the Halloween Farmers Market on Saturday. (The other is the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar contest, which I’ll write about on Friday.)

The answer to the question of us dressing up is: “sort of”.  I wore a witch’s hat ($6.00 at Target), but Donna was a bit more festive with her spider eye tattoo and necklace  and her Halloween shirt.  Since the pointy part of my hat didn’t show, I  looked more like a hillbilly.  A hillbilly wearing an autumn scarf.


Now to change gears a bit to share with you something that happened at the Farmers Market.

One of the first booths we stopped at when we arrived at the market was the “Simply Kalina” jewelry booth.  It was our first experience with this lovely couple. As we were oohing and aahing over their beautiful jewelry made from vintage silverware, a pendant caught Donna’s eye.  The scene on it was so touching, she wanted me to see it and handed it to me.

I gasped.

Then I asked the jewelry designer where she got that picture. She said that a customer had asked them to make the pendant as a gift.


I said: “That’s my late father-in-law and my great nephew.”  This is the photo that was inscribed on the pendant.


As it turns out, the parents of Josey (the little boy in the photo) had the pendant made as a Mother’s Day gift for his grandmother.  (The one we saw Saturday was just a sample showing some of the work that is available.)

We were amazed that, of all the jewelry in the booth, that pendant in particular caught Donna’s eye, and the designer was surprised that I immediately recognized the photo.  I must admit, it was a touching moment for me, as well as for Motor Man when I shared the story with him later.

Following the market, Motor Man joined us for lunch. Then the three of us visited a nearby farm market/pumpkin patch, not for pumpkins, but rather for their delicious pumpkin ice cream.


And a photo op for the scarf-wearing hillbilly and her hubby.

~These Days Of Mine~