Random Five Friday

Today’s five randoms:

1.)  On this Veteran’s Day, we honor those who are serving and have served our country, and we remember those veterans who have passed on. Sadly, I think we tend to take our freedoms for granted in this country.


2) Today, I’m also remembering my cousin, Lona, who passed away three years ago today. I think of her often and still miss her so much.

nan and lona 3rd 5-22-2010 10-02-16 AM

3.) Motor Man and I were recently, once again, invited to the Blessing of the Hounds prior to a fox hunt at Bacon’s Castle. I, of course, took many, many pictures, some showing the dozens of horses and riders who participated.  But this is one of my favorites.


4.) It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a sunrise or sunset picture.  So here’s one of a recent sunset from our yard, complete with an anchored sailboat in the distance.


5.) Tomorrow is the Autumn Vintage Market on Main Street in our little town, rescheduled from last month when Hurricane Matthew paid us a visit.  My friends, Donna and Shirley, are planning to come to attend. It’s become a huge event with live music, antiques and just “vintage” items. We’re hoping to find some  new-to-us treasures. And if not, we’ll still enjoy browsing and lunch afterward.

Care to share your plans for the weekend?

~These Days Of Mine~

8 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Honoring veterans today – especially my Dad. He was so proud to be in the armed forces. Love your “randoms” – the photo of the rider in front of the Castle is great……I know you are thinking of your Cousin Lona today……


  2. I hope you and your family have a peaceful day on this day of remembrance.

  3. Love the sunset picture. You have quite a view, don’t you? Weekend plans–fly to Florida ahead of a board meeting for the hubby and walk on the beach as much as I can!

  4. What marvelous pictures, poignant ones as well. I know you still miss Lona, as she still pops up in our conversations to keep her memory close. THAT sunset is gorgeous and the weather was picture perfect for a hunt this week. THE picture is timeless. AS to my plans this weekend? I am fortunate enough to be spending time with my friend Dianna looking for the perfect antique and walking down memory lane that the site of the old items evoke. Can’t wait! Dress warm and wear dancing shoes ( we got to keep warm while shopping!)

  5. Oh Dianne! Your flag picture always inspires me and to remember Lona….Thank you! I remember that celebration day for Lona. Enjoy the Vintage Market. Our daughter, husband, and grandchildren are coming to visit – I’m ‘over the moon’ with excitement!

  6. A lovely Random 5! Enjoy your day with friends tomorrow, sounds FUN!

  7. Yes – another great R5F !
    We’re hoping the vintage market will be a big hit this time, as it has been before.. The rider looks at home in front of the Castle.. fantastic background ..
    & I didn’t realize it had been three years since Lona passed away.
    Thank you for including this in the post today ..
    Have a good weekend !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The first picture is so good for Veteran’s Day. I think of Lona too. She was a very special person. You can just picture fox hunts at the Castle in the day with your picture. Hope you and the girls have a great time tomorrow.

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