That Westerly Wind

In previous posts about the Corolla wild horses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I’ve mentioned that our favorite place to see the horses is down by the ocean.

We travel the “back roads” and often see them there, but there’s just something about wild horses by the water.

We’ve learned that you see the most horses on the beach on days when the wind is from the west.  This isn’t good for the horses, however, because it brings biting flies from inland.  The horses retreat to the water’s edge for relief.

Plus the wind just feels good in their hair manes.

But not all the horses were up for a beach day.  Some were just hanging out back at the cottage.

And it IS spring, so a young man’s fancy is turning to love… and sometimes that means a disagreement among the guys. A couple of notes before you watch the video: my editing skills leave much to be desired.  Also, I love how sleek and gorgeous these stallions are.  Just a few seconds into the clip,the lighter colored horse starts to run. The darker horse rears his head back as if to say: “Oh, heck, yeah. It’s ON!”.  Also, although it looks like I’m really close, my camera lens was zoomed as much as possible, and I was standing in the doorway of our vehicle, so I was safe.

(Sound on)

I’m glad the gal driving that big truck was “heads up”, since one of the horses ran right in front of her vehicle.

Yesterday, it was posted on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund page that the first new foal of the season has been spotted. It’s a colt, and they’re going to have a contest to name him. You know that we’ll be keeping an eye out for him on our future trips to the beach.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “That Westerly Wind

  1. Wonderful to know there’s a new colt in the “family”…..hope you get to spot him soon.


  2. Susan Krause

    They sure are beautiful when the boys “play”. It’s not always fun and games. I’ve seen them inflict some real injuries on each other. But…boys will be boys. Were there any girls around to watch?

  3. When I saw your title, an old song came to my thoughts – The Wayward Wind (the wayward wind is a restless wind). Then I read your post and saw the video. Yep, that westerly wind might just be a wayward wind riling up those handsome fellas. 😉

  4. You’re lucky to have these horse’s nearby to enjoy and photograph. 🙂

  5. What a lovely sight to see these beautiful horses

  6. That truck got a front-row seat, too !
    The wind has definitely been in charge the past few days…
    at least one upshot is that it sends the horses down to the water …..

  7. Frisky aren’t they? Wonderful pictures – what a treat. ….And I LOVE how they make themselves right at home.

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Loved the video! They are such beautiful animals.

  9. That is a fabulous video Dianna. The horses are so full of life and you caught their spirit.

  10. The coats look beautiful on the two horses in the video… gorgeous! My favorite picture today is the one on the beach with them forming a single line… 🙂 Love the cutie in the middle of the picture of three!

  11. Wonderful photos & thoughts. Great video, The battle of the beauties to capture the fancy of the lady.
    I agree that it’s a blessing that the driver of the truck was being careful.
    It’ll be fun to hear what the new colt’s name will be.

  12. spiritualityinchrist

    Beautiful horses.

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