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In order to get the most out of today’s post, please take a moment to read this one from 2012.  I’ll wait……..

Is That You, Petunia?

The year after that post, in May, 2013, I shared this picture of Petunia.

But something tragic must have happened to her during the following winter. Because in the spring of 2014,  she didn’t return….nor for the next couple of years. I was sad about losing her and thought she was gone forever.

Last week, I was out puttering around in the flowerbed, pulling weeds and checking on the few perennials I have (dianthus, vinca, Sweet Williams, salvia). Then, just a few feet from where Petunia used to live and grow and be beautiful, something caught my eye.  It sure looked like petunia foliage.  Could it be?

The following day:

There she was. She looks paler than before, but only because this picture was taken with my cell phone, whereas the earlier ones were taken with a camera.

But, after all this time and in a different location, Petunia has returned.

~These Days Of Mine~