Is That You, Petunia?

Okay, readers. If you’re a gardening pro, know a gardening pro or follow a gardening blog, please pass this along in order to help me determine exactly what this plant is.

Late in the summer of 2008, Motor Man and I were in Cambridge, Maryland for a boat race. We stopped at a little convenience store, which had a few leftover scraggly-looking plants for sale at reduced prices. Being the sucker amateur gardener that I am, I purchased one wimpy plant and probably paid $1, maybe $2, for it. I think my purchase was based solely on my sympathy for this pitiful little plant, which looked like a petunia.

But I was hopeful, and came home and plopped it in the ground. It did well the remainder of the season, and to my surprise, returned the following spring. This picture was taken in September of 2009, when my friend’s daughter was married in our yard. See that pink “petunia” just to the right of the bride?

The next spring, there was the little petunia again. This picture was taken in August of 2010. What’s extra nice about Petunia is that the deer and rabbits pay her no attention.

This was Petunia in April of 2011.

I realized a few weeks ago, that, because of our mild winter this year, Petunia stayed green the entire winter. By looking at these pictures taken last week, it appears that, not only did she stay green, but she grew quite a bit as well.  As you can see, Petunia is now well over five feet in width.

At her highest point, she’s almost 18 inches tall.

I’ve taken pictures to my local garden center and talked with the experts there. Petunia has them stumped. They aren’t familiar with a perennial petunia, which is what this appears to be.

If you find out, please let me know. I’d like about a dozen more, preferably at $1 each.


21 responses to “Is That You, Petunia?

  1. There is a perennial petunia, and that looks like what you have here…if you Google perennial petunias, you will see photos of plants that look just like yours. What a wonderful purchase you made! It is very pretty…don’t you hate it when you stump the local “experts”?

  2. VERY interesting! I’m thinking petunia of the hardy variety that’s obviously intent on making you NOT regret that huge (ha) expenditure of $1 back in 2008 when you rescued her from that store! Seriously though I don’t think it’s unheard of for a hardy petunia to survive from year to year – in a sunny location, somewhat protected at the edge of your house, etc. Sure is pretty!!

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. I love Petunias! Don’t have an answer for you but I would love to have one grow that large!

  4. Guess “Petunia” is thanking you for saving her… you a beautiful display year after year!!

  5. It looks like a petunia to me. I had never heard of a perennial petunia, but now I’ll know to look for this variety. Very pretty! I love serendipity, don’t you?! ~ Sheila

  6. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I’m thinking that is just the hardy plant I need to replace my pink and fuchsia azaleas that the drought claimed. It’s a pretty plant you have there.

  7. Very pretty!! What a great deal.

  8. Sounds like a plant that even I could grow!! I’m headed off to google perennial petunia!! (And I love that you got to host a wedding at your home ~ what a gift to give a friend!)

  9. i believe you got your money’s worth! wow!

  10. I can name some flowers when I spot them, but I can’t say that I know what a Petunia looks like… but whatever this actually is, it’s happy !!!

  11. It’s big and spread out like a wave petunia, but I don’t think waves are perennials. I’ve had some come back in pots or in the ground where the seeds have fallen, but they don’t get big and lush like your plant. That was a terrific buy! It’s a beauty.

  12. It is a pretty flower and it’s thriving which is great. You are obviously doing something right.
    I am no gardener I’m afraid so no help at all in offering any advice or help – sorry!!!
    Keep doing what you are doing it’s definately working.

  13. I’m no gardening expert, but it sure looks like a petunia to me. It looks just like what my Mom called an “old-fashioned petunia.” They were from plants my grandmother had! Every year, those petunias came back in the flower bed beside the back porch. Even several years after my mom passed away, those pretty posies reappeared and my dad would remark about them.

  14. asimplehappylife

    Whatever it might be, it’s very pretty!

  15. Hey, you should be giving advice instead of requesting it if you can get petunias to live perennially. And for the buck or two you purchased it for, sounds like you know about bargains as well.

  16. itsallaboutpurple

    no clue, but that has to be the best dollar you ever spent!!

  17. Definitely has the look of a petunia; I just didn’t know there was a perennial petunia. Whatever it is ~ it’s very pretty! and hardy!

  18. Nice, and I’ll buy all the ones you don’t take!

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great plant it turned out to be. My Mother’s
    favorite flowers were petunias. I don’t know if you might remember Dianna, but mommy grew a lot of petunias in front our house on Rt 10 by the tower.
    They were so lovely but they were annual plants. She would have loved to have seen yours.

  20. Good for you. Some of my favorite plants are the ‘saved ones’. Your petunia is lovely. I believe it’s gorgeous blooms and healthy growth is like it thanking you for being such a kind caregiver. 🙂

  21. Did you ever find out what kind of flower this is? I have the exact same flower in my yard and I have been trying to find out what it is! No one seems to know. When I bought my house 20 years ago, they were in the garden. I wasn’t into gardening then and pulled all of them out. About four years ago, I noticed them starting to grow near where they originally were. So, I let them grow. Today, I have several “clumps” of them and I love them. But I still have no idea what they are. I live in northeastern PA and they come up bigger and better every year. I am trying to get them to take over a section of my garden but I literally do nothing to them because I have no idea what to do to them! lol Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!

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