Monday Morning Mews – True Confessions

Hi, readers. This is Sundae with today’s mews.  As the title shows, today is all about confessions.

I’ll go first:

1.) Sometimes when Motor Man isn’t at home, I’ll take over his spot on the bed. Never Motor Mommy’s side….just his. But shhhh, don’t tell him: it will just be our little secret. Do I look guilty?

2.) Motor Mommy gave me an old wooden box for all my kitty toys. Sometimes, when my pawrents are gone from home all day, I’ll take out a toy. Usually, it’s my favorite: a striped stocking (formerly a Christmas tree ornament). But, sometimes, if they’re gone a REALLY long time, they come home to find more than one toy out of the box.  Sunday was a “two-toy day”. The octopus belonged to their former kitty, Beezy. What’s odd is that I’ve never let them SEE me take a toy from the box…..sneaky!

3.) Also, a couple of nights ago, Motor Mommy was having some crackers and hummus, and I was very interested. She gave me a tiny little taste of the hummus, and I liked it!  She says I’m not allowed to have much, though, because “people food” isn’t good for me.

So do YOU have any confessions you’d like to make today?   It’s good for the soul, you know.

~These Days Of Mine~

6 responses to “Monday Morning Mews – True Confessions

  1. Hmm….you are such a well behaved kitty compared to ME but know what? I still can’t think of anything I need to confess. Maybe I’m just a Wildman at heart?????

    Happy Monday……
    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Hi Sundae! Have I told you how much I enjoy your true confessions? Maybe that is because I, for one, am entirely without sin. 😄

  3. maybe I should let my cats leave the comment today .. they’ve probably got something they’d like to confess !

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have always heard, Sundae, confessions are good for the soul!!

  5. I confess you are adorable and a sweet sneaky girl. Motor Mommy and Motor Man are blessed to have such a darling daughter. 🙂

  6. Well, Sundae, despite your ‘confessions,’ I’d say you’re a purrfect angel. 🙂

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