Dear Liquid Fence

About that money-back guarantee:

(Volume up)

This video doesn’t exist


Please mail my refund to…..

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Dear Liquid Fence

  1. Uhoh…..well I never did have luck with Liquid Fence but YOU always have – maybe it was a “bad batch” ???!!!!


  2. Hahahaha. Yep. I hear ya. You need to get a massive refund.

  3. Well shucks Dianna.
    I do believe that liquid fence does owe you big time.
    That’s a peach of a video. What a magnificent creature that deer is.

  4. It is so nice of you to feed the deer with your EXPENSIVE flowers and shrubs.

  5. Cute video. But not really! You are entitled to a refund. Go get ’em Dianne.

  6. That was one hungry deer! Yep, I also think you’re entitled to a refund. That Liquid Fence must have made your plant even more delicious. :-O

  7. Yeah! Looks like you put dressing on your greens!

  8. Oh deer! Hope you have a plan B!

  9. Great song selection !
    You should send the makers of Liquid Fence a link to this post !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great video and I loved the music selection!!

  11. Oh sorry, but that was fun to watch! 🙂 Must send the liquid fence seller this video. They’d get a kick out of it if they’re lighthearted at all, and should send you a refund. Deer Stopper concentrate seems to be the only thing that works around these parts for the White Tail deer. Good luck. If only they weren’t so sweet, elegant, graceful, adorable…

  12. Oh my! Good thing you have a sense of humor. I once watched a deer eat my roses!

  13. Can we make this a ‘class action suit’? We have similar difficulties. Love to watch the deer, but hate their destruction.

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