Looking (And Feeling) Like Christmas

With only five days left til Christmas, I thought I’d share a few pictures of how our holiday is progressing.

I recently found this wonderful old wool blanket at an antique mall, and Motor Man insisted that it come home with us.

We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend. Sundae approves; as usual she’s claimed a spot on the tree skirt.

Last Friday night, our little town held its Evening Christmas Craft Market.  My friend, Donna, and I attended.  Donna believes in dressing to celebrate every occasion, so she supplied me with the light bulb “necklace”. We glowed our way down Main Street.

We had a great time at the craft market. This was one of our favorite booths featuring rustic hand-painted signs and other country decor.

Donna’s Christmas gift to Motor Man was this cute Rudolph stocking cap.  He was such a good sport about posing for a picture, but was a little upset afterward that we didn’t tell him his “nose” was crooked.

The decorating adds festive touches and makes it LOOK like Christmas. But spending time with family and friends is part of the FEELING of the holiday. Yesterday: lunch with a close friend, and a visit planned today with a special cousin. And next week, of course, more gatherings.

Hope it’s looking (and feeling) like Christmas for you.

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “Looking (And Feeling) Like Christmas

  1. Yes indeed……we have finished decorating and done some of the baking and are truly ready for the holiday. Teddy has (like Sundae) claimed his spot under the tree and we are grateful that even with this being his first Christmas, he has decided to remain on Santa’s NICE list but not playing with ornaments! Love your old blanket on the porch and all the fun things you and Motor Man are up to as you celebrate the season.


  2. Great Christmas photos of Sundae and Motor Man. We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas in TN with Ethan, Kat & Evi! Nothing better than having a little “believer” in the house! You will also be so jealous to know that we are going to go on the Polar Express in the Smokies! Weather permitting! I promise to send you pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends ole neighbor!

  3. Beginning to look a (whole) lot like Christmas on TheseDays !

  4. It surely is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house. So festive and lovely!! Including you and Motor Man. 😉

  5. I love the cat under the tree. Great inspector making sure everything is just right. So glad you are enjoying the season.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You are looking very festive indeed. I love the blanket on the chair and Sundae peeking out from under the tree. Wishing you and JR a very Merry & Blessed Christmas and New Year ❤

  7. Definitely beginning to look – and feel – a lot like Christmas. Celebrating with good friends makes it ‘warmer’ and more special. Precious blanket on your porch – a great find that has a new home. Love the hats. Merry Christmas!

  8. WoW! Your Christmas “look” is wonderful! Mine is pretty kitschy–all the great Christmas “stuff” is in the basement in Midway. I LOVE the lighbulb necklace and the Rudolph toque!

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