Random Five Friday

As they all seem to do, this week has flown by, and it’s time again for five randoms.

1.) Last weekend, my friend, Donna, and I celebrated Cinco De Mayo while atttending our local Vintage Market. We had a great time, got lots of comments on our sombreros and found a few neat items at the market. Afterward, a visit to a couple of shops on our Main Street and lunch.

2.) In our travels, we passed by this alpaca farm, and had to stop for pictures. We thought the field of buttercups made for an especially nice photo op.

3.) Late yesterday afternoon, a strong storm moved through our area. This is a column of rain off to our west right around the time of sunset.

4.) And the storm snapped a tree in our yard. So thankful it didn’t damage our house or our neighbors’.

5.) Motor Man and I plan to attend a funeral this afternoon for a hometown girl who was just a few years older than me. My mom babysat her boys when they were toddlers (back in the mid-late 1960’s). I have many fond memories of those days when I was a teenager and helped my mom entertain those little curly-haired boys. My heart is heavy for them as they grieve the loss of their mom, especially sad so close to Mothers Day.

And speaking of Mothers Day, Sunday will be an emotional day for many: those whose mothers have passed on (recently for Motor Man’s family, as well as Marshall’s father’s family), those who wanted to become mothers but didn’t for various reasons,  those who didn’t have loving mothers, those mothers who have lost children,.  If you fall into one of those categories, I wish you the strength to get through the day. For those of you who still have your mom and/or your own children to help you celebrate, enjoy your day.

~These Days Of Mine~


4 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Good that the tree didn’t damage anything else as it fell. The storm missed us thankfully. That photo of the rain arriving is amazing isn’t it? Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. A definite fashion statement with the sombreros. Every morning when I pass that field, I think it looks like the owner blesses his alpacas with a little sunshine. That was some storm last night – complete with hail. Glad you were spared damage to your home from the tree. GREAT Random 5. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  3. Wonderful posting. I kept wondering where the pic of the alpacas and the butter cups were, it was so scenic! Fantastic storm and light crossover capture. That was one fast moving storm! But how kind was the thoughts and kind wishes for those of us who recently lost and will be having Mother’s Day without their beloved Mothers. Still sad. Thoughtful. Good weekend.

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The picture of the storm last night was amazing. I love the pic of the alpacas. They are such pretty animals. Thank the Lord the tree was not close to anything when it fell. Love seeing what fun you and Donna have together. Your friendship is so very special. Treasure it always. <3.

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