Random Five Friday

Some randomness to close out May…this year is quickly slipping away…

1.) A few weeks ago, Motor Man and I took a day trip to the South Boston area of Virginia. I found this “gate” made of old tobacco wood at an antique shop and bought it,  not knowing what I’d actually do with it. I think we found a good spot. Thanks, Motor Man, for fixing it in place for me.

2.)  As a lover of bacon (and ham), this recent Bizzaro comic  made me chuckle.

3.) Yesterday’s sunrise.  I hadn’t been up but a few minutes, opened all the curtains, and that big orange ball caught my eye.

4.) Hoping for a pretty day tomorrow, so I can stop in at our local Farmers Market. There are two vendors that I particularly enjoy: one is a couple who sells beautiful cut flower bouquets. The other is operated by twin sisters, a bit older than me, who make and sell handmade jewelry.  My friend, Donna, and I affectionately refer to them as “the Baldwin sisters” (The Waltons tv show), only these sisters sell jewelry, rather than “the recipe”. These are three of the necklaces I’ve purchased from them.

5.) Last Sunday, the weather cooperated, and we were able to have our Memorial Service on the grounds of “the old brick church; such a sacred, special spot for so many of us who live in the area.

And may we all pause to remember the real reason for the holiday.

~These Days Of Mine~


7 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the holiday. That is very easy to get lost in the celebrating, right? Love those necklaces –those Baldwin sisters do great work! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. 1) Great find in that gate. It looks right at home in its spot.
    2) lol Oh my that cartoon is hilarious. Thanks for the giggle.
    3) What a beautiful sun rise. The sun is so well defined. That’s hard to capture. Well done.
    4) Your twin sisters have great taste in their necklaces. The necklaces are charming and suit you perfectly.
    5) It’s a blessing when the weather cooperates for a sacred service.
    Wishing you and MM a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

  3. That cartoon gave me a good laugh this morning…right before I ate my bacon. 😉 Oh, I so like the wooden gate and it looks great where you’ve placed it. As usual your randoms are so interesting. Joining you in remembering the reason why we commemorate Memorial Day. Have a nice weekend!

  4. 1) That spot was waiting for that gate …
    2) Love the one-frame comics when they’re done right !
    3) Red Rubber Ball ..
    4) Very nice ..
    5) Looks like perfect weather that day ..

  5. LOVE the gate – the perfect spot. Beautiful necklaces, sunrise, and Old Brick Church. I SMEEL the Bacon! UMMM!

  6. What a nice group of randomness to start off the long weekend!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Love all today’s randoms! The gate is so in the right place. Love it. Nice looking necklaces. Thanks for the laugh, so cute. So glad the weather was good for your memorial service. Lovely place. You and JR have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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