Friday Fawns

It seems that, every summer, we have at least one set of twin fawns here at our little impromptu wildlife refuge. And this summer is no exception.

Yes, I still get upset when I see that the deer have destroyed some of my perennials (hydrangea, gladioli, garden phlox, Mexican petunia, hosta, liriope). I planted those before I knew that deer consider them to be delicacies. This year, I’ve had volunteer sunflowers for the first time, and apparently, they are the candy of the deer world.  I’ve finally learned which annuals deer ignore, and these days, I plant nothing else. (If you’re interested: marigolds, salvia, zinnia, vinca, and  lantana are usually pretty safe.)

Some would say the deer and I have a love/hate relationship.

But, really….how can you possibly hate something so beautiful? Sometimes, flowers just may be overrated.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Friday Fawns

  1. Aw so precious. We saw a wee tiny new babe in our back field just the other day. Tis the season for fawns. Your photos are magnificent. 🙂

  2. So precious, BUT!!! Love/Hate – Yes!! Here too! I LOVE my flowers, and blueberries, and veggie garden, and…….so do our deer, and rabbits, and groundhogs….

  3. I agree…..gardens can be gorgeous and it’s nice to add a bit of color into our summertime but seeing mother nature’s gorgeous ANIMAL creations is every bit as rewarding as seeing a colorful bloom. You’re so lucky to see twins – we haven’t seen twins in several years although we DO see deer frequently.


  4. They are just TOO pretty, a shame they have to grow up as I’m sure such cute babies don’t eat your flowers😾

  5. Agree! Although my marigolds got eaten by something this year. I did plant several Lenten rose plants that they don’t eat and think I need to plant my entire yard in those! Your fawns are adorable.

  6. Maybe love / hate, but I think I see a bit more of the love here ; )

  7. A lovely peaceful sight.&

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So sweet!!!!!!!! They are so pretty too. What’s a few flowers in a wonderful relationship with nature.

  9. The fawns are sure cute. I have the same problem with the deer walking through the yard and eating some of the flowers I planted. I notice that Marigolds do work and plan on getting more of them.

  10. So sweet
    They appear to be joined at the hip! Wish safety for them, and distaste for your plants! Good weekend.

  11. Yep, I have a love/hate relationship with those critters too.

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