The Only Way To Celebrate

Yesterday was “National I Love Horses Day”.

Well, you know that required a celebration on my part. So we headed off to one of our favorite day trip destinations: Carova Beach, N.C.,  home to the Corolla wild horses.

It was gorgeous day: low 80’s, beautiful blue sky and a nice breeze.

A perfect day for a stroll in one of the many canals.

Or to kick up a little dust.

Motor Man captured me celebrating the holiday.

But then, any day that we visit Carova is “I Love Horses Day” to me.

~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “The Only Way To Celebrate

  1. Really like the one swimming in the canal! Icing on the cake is your happy pic on the beach with the horse a safe more than 50 feet away!!

  2. Looks like this special day was also a beautiful and sunny one! A bonus!


  3. National I Love Horses Day and National Ice Cream Day on the same day. Now it doesn’t get much better than that. And what gorgeous pics – looks like they were posing on ‘their’ day.

  4. No better way to celebrate! Great weather, and great horses !

  5. Super way to celebrate the special day. Your photo of the horse in the canal is amazing capture. All your photos are great.
    I think ‘I Love Horses Day’ is everyday here on your wonderful blog.

  6. Another wonderful day with my wife;time passes too quickly when we’re at the beach.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Hi Motor Man, good to see you on your wife’s great blog. Beautiful day and beautiful horses to celebrate.

  8. Beautiful way to enjoy the day!

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