The Little Brother I Never Had

He was born just a few months shy of my seventh birthday. During their our childhood, he and his older-by-two-years sister spent a great deal of time at our house. So we grew up together. He was that annoying/loving/pest-of-a-little-brother that I never had. And he had beautiful brown eyes and the longest eyelashes.

You may recall that my two sisters were teenagers when I was born. Within a few years, they were both married and had children. And my nieces and nephews were more like siblings to me.

I’ve shared the sad story here many times of my sister, Rose, and her death at the age of 30 as a result of domestic violence.

That brings us to Steven, Rose’s son.


Steven was just nine years old when he lost his Mom.

This picture was taken at a family reunion a few months after that tragedy.

Steven lived with nearby relatives through his teens. This was another family reunion photo with his sister and their great-uncle, Thomas. Steven was 17.

A few years later, he moved to Florida. He experienced some difficult times, but we kept in touch with phone calls and letters.

This picture was taken two years ago of him with his new puppy, Kodi.

Over the past few months, life became more than Steven could bear. I got the call last week.

He closed every letter, every phone call, every voice message to me the same way:  “Love ya”.

….if only life hadn’t been so tragic for that little brown-eyed boy.

Love ya, Steven.

~These Days Of Mine~


15 responses to “The Little Brother I Never Had

  1. what an incredibly sad loss. i’m so sorry

  2. Oh Dianna that is sich a sad story, with a young life impacted by tragedy and ending way too soon.Hoping his life had happiness.I know his family tie with you did bring him happiness.Your memories were lovely.

  3. So sorry for your loss. He most certainly had a very hard time in his life and for some, the sadness and difficulty just becomes too much. That last photo of him with his pup is sweet…..

    Hugs, Pam

  4. Oh Dianna, there are no words. I have seen several families touched by suicide the past couple of months and there is just nothing that can be said or written that can express my deep sympathy for you and your family. I love that he ended every conversation that way and I know that you were a wonderful “sister” to him. Keeping you all in my prayers –it is something I am sure you did not anticipate and grieving will take time. Be gentle with yourself.

  5. So, so sorry for your loss. I really don’t have words either. Your memoriam of him will touch all who read about Steven.

  6. My heart aches for you, Dianna. I lost a dear brother myself many years ago and feel your pain. You have happy memories of this boy with a sweet smile. May you treasure them. Sending healing hugs. xo

  7. I imagine it was difficult to write this post without tears flowing for that sweet dear boy who was like a brother to you. That his life’s story was sad is an understatement. Praying for you and his family as you grieve this terrible loss. May God wrap loving arms around you and give you comfort and peace.

  8. The first time it really sank in about Steven. I sat and sobbed, especially when I got to the photo of him and Kody.

  9. So very sad.. This is a very nice post. I’ve never seen any of these pics.

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Dianna, what a lovely heart felt tribute to your nephew. We never know which way I lives may turn but we do have good memories to hold on to. Prayers for you and family. ❤

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss. And Kodi’s.

  12. Beautiful tribute to your nephew. Bless his heart, such a tragic loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  13. Gosh that’s got to be so hard on you and your family as you grieve for Steven. I hope you keep those sweet memories close when it hurts.

  14. So sad and such a waste of a beautiful man.

  15. Marilyn Myers

    Dianna, I’m so very sorry to hear the news about your nephew/brother. What a handsome guy he was. I can definitely see the family resemblance. I have you and the family in my prayers. Love you♥

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