Randoms ‘Round The Yard

It’s smack dab in the middle of summer, so, today, I thought I’d share with you some photos from around our yard.

1.) Every summer, I buy hanging baskets of geraniums for our front porch. If I can find them, I prefer the ivy-leaf variety with the variegated blooms. This year, I purchased them from a different location than in the past, and they’ve been prettier than I can ever recall. (I have been very faithful in watering them regularly.)

2.) Gold finch continue to be regular visitors. They always make me smile.

3.) I don’t recall planting this rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan), but I don’t know that they ‘volunteer’, so perhaps I did. The deer enjoyed munching on the leaves before I discovered it, but apparently they don’t like the taste of the bloom. Now, the entire plant is covered in netting.

4.) I shared this photo on Facebook earlier in the week. Several years ago, I planted this petunia and placed it in the old wooden boat we have in our yard. I never water it, never pay it any attention.  I walked out to take a picture of the sunset one evening, and something pink caught my eye. (Shhh….evidently the deer haven’t noticed them either.)

5.) And a sunrise shot.  I’ve often mentioned that early morning is my favorite time of day. I love to watch the sun rise from our deck: listening to the birds, the ducks and the hum of work boats in the river.

Feel free to share your randomness today, and I hope your weekend is a good one.

~These Days Of Mine~



11 responses to “Randoms ‘Round The Yard

  1. beautiful randoms

  2. Nice photos! Perhaps the rudbeckia was planted by a visiting squirrel or bird…..I love those little surprises they bring us! I hope the deer don’t follow your blog or those petunias will disappear……LOL


  3. GREAT randomness photos today – as always. Goldfinches and bluebirds always make me smile – only the hawk is keeping an eye on our bluebirds this morning. Hope it’s not breakfast. Expecting heavy traffic this weekend because of the Pork, Peanut, and Pine Festival at Chippokes – will probably stay close to home.

  4. Love the randoms today –your photos never disappoint me and I love seeing all the pictures in your yard. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful photos, as we have come to expect. I just love the way you have a swing seat on your porch, seems quite exotic to us Brits! We’ve had a whole family of our variety of goldfinches breeding in gardens nearby and they spend hours squabbling and flitting about in a tall birch tree in our garden. They are very colourful but not as gold as yours.

  6. Joyce F in Kansas

    I have several volunteer petunias in a flower bed where impatiens are suffering miserably in the heat. I think this is the last year I plant impatiens but maybe I said that last year! The petunias in hanging baskets which are in a spot where they get shade during the hottest part of the day are looking worse for wear too – I’ve pinched them back and hope they might come out of it and have more lovely blooms by Fall. This time of year early morning is about the only time I want to be outside; it’s miserable after that. Thank goodness for air conditioning though I can see the meter spinning…..$$$$$$$$$

  7. Lookin’ good there ! Lookin’ like summer ! Great shot of the finch.. And the sunrise !

  8. Wonderful randoms. I enjoyed the stroll around your yard. 🙂

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I too enjoyed the walk around your beautiful yard. Wonderful pictures.

  10. I love your little glimmers of summer – the flowers in the barrel you just discovered, the beautiful bird, and that wonderful shady spot on your front porch to just sit, think and enjoy the geraniums.

  11. Just virtually strolling through your yard is lovely! I can see why you enjoy it so very much. It’s a lovely, peaceful place and of course, your sunrise photos are always beautiful.

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