The Sybil Series Continues

My last couple of posts have been rather sorrowful, so today, we’re focusing on the cute.

And you just don’t get any cuter than Marshall’s kitty, Sybil:

aka Sibbs

aka Sibbie

aka Syble-Von-Dibble

As Marshall alluded to in these texts: she’s right at home.

And obviously knows that she’s adorable.

~These Days Of Mine~



16 responses to “The Sybil Series Continues

  1. She is so huggable! What a sweet special girl. ❤

  2. Oh my goodness! So doggone cute!

  3. Marilyn Myers

    Cuteness overload! Love all of her names too! She’s one lucky kitty in her new home♥

  4. She’s crazy. & growing up fast.. & she has her 1st ridiculous nickname.. So we’re moving right along… More pics to come ! Thanks for featuring her again ..

  5. donna warthan

    I want to hold her and play with her so bad!! What a cutie! Animals bring such joy by being near . A beautiful thing.
    Cant wait for the next pictures!

  6. Oh mercy, what a sweetie! Kittens are always so adorable. Thanks for the smiles today. We’re sad because our oldest daughter and her husband just lost their 4-year-old fur baby (and he was the sweetest kitty) to pancreatitis. Who knew cats could get that?

  7. She is definitely adorable!

  8. She is so darn cute!! Can’t have too many pictures of her.

  9. She sure is sweet and fluffy.

  10. Those names are precious!! I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who gives her kitties two names lol!! What a cutie!!

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    She is adorable!!! She knows she has found the best Dad ever!!

  12. She is cute and adorable. These pictures make me want to cuddle her.

  13. Lorita Hughes

    Such a cute and lucky kitty!

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