Eight And Counting

Eight years ago tomorrow, I published my very first blog post. If you’d like to read it, click here. From my first thoughts of having a blog, I knew my initial post would be about Bacon’s Castle.

So to celebrate my “blogaversary”, I thought I would post eight thoughts about blogging:

1.) In the beginning, I blogged seven days a week. Looking back, I don’t know how I came up with that many topics. Some weeks now, I struggle to write three posts.

2.) At one time in my blogging career, I had an average of 30-40 comments per post. But I think many of those comments were left by fellow bloggers, many of whom are no longer blogging. (And apparently, no longer reading my blog.)

3.) On average, on days that I publish a post, around one hundred people read visit my blog. On days that there is no published post, that number is around fifty. But apparently, these are VERY shy folks, because comments usually range around ten per post.

4.) Blogging about Bacon’s Castle has reconnected me with at least one long-lost relative. Those posts have also brought me in contact with some distant relatives whom I would never have known if not for blogging.

5.) I’ve met several bloggers in person: a few who are fellow Virginia residents, but also blogging friends from Michigan, Alaska and Texas. Those out of state gals were visiting Virginia at various times and for various reasons, and we were able to meet.  There are still a few more bloggers on that to-meet list.

6.) Although my comments are few in number now, I do have faithful readers who comment on every post.  And I look forward to their input on my posts. And it’s always fun to run into friends and acquaintances in town and hear them say: “I love reading your blog!”.

7.) There have been times that I kept a close eye on my “stats” showing how many times each post has been viewed, but I really don’t give that much thought these days. In fact, I had to research to find the info for item # 3 above. Although sometimes writing the blog feels like homework, I’m planning to continue posting.

8.) Through these eight years, there have been many posts that have special meaning to me. But, I think, this one is my very favorite.

And just for the record, today’s is post #1897.

Thanks for joining me here at “These Days”. Here’s to at least another 1897!

~These Days Of Mine~





19 responses to “Eight And Counting

  1. I’m with you…..it’s never been about how many followers I have or how many posts I’ve written, it’s been about the friends I’ve made along the way. I love your “favorite post” – if anyone wants to know the real you – there it is and we’re all mighty glad to be part of your world!


  2. Happy Blogaversary. Eight years is great going and as for commenters it is quality not quantity that counts isn’t it?

  3. congratulations on your blogiversary, and i agree, it’s all about expressing ourselves and the connections we make. here’s to many more. i read your favorite, and love where you’re from )

  4. Keep up the good work! Your comments on responses will encourage me to comment more often as I do enjoy reading and looking at the wonderful photos you show us. I read your favourite post – beautifully expressed, and was happy/sad to see a comment from June whom I knew from the knitting site. Thank you

  5. I Amen the Congratulations! I so look forward to your blog posts. Your favorite is one of mine too. I’m honored to call you friend and to share some of those same roots – I’m sure they’re bound to be blood roots somewhere!

  6. I do read your blog every time it comes up in my feed. Even though I rarely post comments I really do enjoy your exploits and remembrances. Congratulations on a great blog!

  7. You know how much I love your blog! Congrats on tha blogaversary! Your list includes a lot of what is on my list as well— don’t care about stats much anymore and just write because I like to connect with people that way. I loved your favorite post and that is a great prompt. I may have to borrow it!! Congrats again!!!

  8. I have enjoyed your posts and reading your blog is a morning ritual. 1897 ? I might have missed a couple.

  9. Congrats on 8 years of blogging. About the same for me. I also stopped following the stats. I enjoyed your favourite post! Glad Beth Ann introduced us.

  10. SO impressive you are still posting (so happy you are)! I cannot imagine doing it 7 days a week, so glad for you that you cut back.
    I love your blog. and going back right now and read your first one. Happy Blogaversay!

  11. 1,897 is a good number ! I probably wouldn’t have been able to guess it .. Here’s to another 1,897… & beyond !

  12. Well, I, for one, never want to miss your blog. And I’m hoping I’m on your “too meet” list because you are on mine. I started blogging on WordPress just a couple of months before you in the same year. And like you, I posted more often back then too, but I’m happy now with my 3-day a week blogging routine. A lot of fellow bloggers have given up writing, but I’m so glad you haven’t! I look forward to your blog every time. Happy Blogiversary! Eight years and 1,897 posts under your belt is quite an accomplishment. Here’s to many, many more posts and meeting in person one of those days of “these days of mine.”♥

  13. Wow! Congratulations! Really loved this article. The research is really useful and interesting.

  14. Congratulations on the years you have been blogging, I really enjoy reading your post’s. I’m not a blogger and don’t comment often. Looking forward to more post’s from you.

  15. Happy Blogoversary – and many more !

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I am very grateful you started blogging. I look forward to everyone of them. The best for me of your blogging also is it brought us back together. ❤

  17. i look forward to reading your blog – really enjoy it. i think it would have been a lark to have lived in Bacon’s Castle. — sam

  18. I love receiving your wonderful insights and observations, anecdotes, memories, incredible photos, etc…. in my email and am lucky to peek through the window a little at your life and family and history. Thank you for blogging! And what a treasure the “Where I’m From” piece is, a lovely and poetic masterpiece. I’ve fallen a in love with Virginia and its history because of your posts. Cheers to many many many more!

  19. I knew straight away that you and your blog were special – so glad we connected through our blogs and in person, too! Congratulations ~ so much to love about this post and the “Where I’m from” was wonderful ~ Cheers!

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