Where I’m From

For Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop today, I chose a prompt that was both challenging and fun. It’s apparently a rather popular writing prompt. You begin with a “template” and fill in the blanks to best describe your beginnings. This is mine:

I am from silos and linoleum floors and rural free delivery; from a tiny Zenith black and white tv, Barbie dolls and Beatles records.

I am from a white house beside a pond, where the frogs sang me to sleep on summer nights; where the scent from a nearby dairy farm was simply bovine.

I am from the jonquils and irises along the fence row, snaps, butterbeans and corn from Mama’s garden, and Sweet Williams and peach-colored gladioli from Grandma’s yard.

I am from family reunions the first Saturday every August, and aunts and uncles sharing stories of their childhood at Bacon’s Castle; from a Mom named Donnie (after her grandmother) and a Dad named Willie and grandparents, Mae and Ben.

I am from dinner at mid-day and supper in the evening, summer days in a big front yard and summer nights in the porch swing.

From don’t slam the screen door and it’s just the wind, go back to sleep.

I am from Baptist revivals on hot summer nights, Christmas pageants and Junior Choir practice.

I am from a small town in Virginia, rich in history, but forgotten by time; from fried chicken and creamed potatoes topped with a spoonful of garden peas.

From the nearby country store owned by my Grandma, where we ate ginger snaps and cheese,  where customers bought bologna by the pound, and Grandma wrapped it in butcher paper and tied it with twine.

I am from a treasured old blue binder full of pages of our family history, traced back to Jamestown; the dates of more recent births, marriages and deaths penciled in the margins.

These are but a few of the people, places and things that shaped the person that I am today. And I’m grateful for each one of them.

Mama’s Losin’ It

34 responses to “Where I’m From

  1. What a wonderful write – the depth of who we are and why we are has always been interesting to me….I like hearing the roads my friends have traveled to bring them to this place and time. Your journey sounds really lovely and “full”….with so much more to come! Thanks for sharing Dianna.


  2. Beautiful and such a testament to the simple, gracious, glory of southern charm and summer days. I can picture it through your words and revisit my own childhood and the old country stores that were such treasures. And peas on potatoes – divine! Thanks for taking me back.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about “where you’re from.”

    and meats in butcher paper tied with twine? I can still hear the crinkle of that paper … Cheers! MJ

  4. Beautiful!! and I’m from those same ‘roots’ so it means so much to me…BUT I could never have expressed it so well. I’d forgotten that picture!!

  5. Love this…I have such a good mental picture going right now about where you’re from. Love that you say your town is rich with history, but forgotten by time – I love those types of places – always great for exploring and talking to the locals. Amazing job!

  6. Beautiful, Dianna. I enjoyed writing mine so much and now I’m loving reading all the others!

  7. What a beautiful place you have come from.

  8. I don’t care if that started out as a template…..that was beautiful. It was descriptive and made me hear and see the things you described! Love it!

  9. Beautifully written. 🙂

  10. All of your above sentiments are so true, lovely and powerful at a time like this in our lives (right now), that our older genaration , have gone on forever. Especially when we need our Mom’s for guidance, care and Motherly advice……. Love you….

  11. This is among your best…”here the scent from a nearby dairy farm was simply bovine” and then your images with “forgotten in time” and “tied it with twine” , it all flows so beautifully. This is a gem. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Beautiful, straight forward and pure.

  13. Simply beautiful. Flowed perfectly. =)

  14. wonderful! full of all sorts of senses. great job…

  15. wonderful read….i really enjoyed this!! xo

  16. It’s great to get your past in writing to share with others and as a wonderful keepsake.

  17. Bravo, bravo !!! Only a true writer can wield imagery with skill 🙂

  18. Beautifully written, Dianna! I found this very interesting, too, as some of your beginnings are very similar to mine,

  19. I just love this prompt…it makes us realize how beautiful our stories are. Love your post…

  20. I really like this “I am from a small town in Virginia, rich in history, but forgotten by time.”

    Nicely done!

  21. Beautifully portrayed story of your life! 🙂

  22. This is all lovely. But that last line and that photograph?A re perfection!

  23. I do think this is one of my favorites. So much of it I shared …it brings tears to my eyes. Well said.

  24. beautifully written. I love the images you’ve painted so effortlessly 🙂
    Sorry, for not visiting in a while. I’ve been meaning to come here but get caught up! I’m going to browse a bit 🙂

  25. I love this — really. I did the same prompt — each one I have read has been different, unique, and special. Thank you for sharing your memories. By the way, I am doing a run in New York on Saturday morning for Women for Women Int’l — excited!!

  26. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You never cease to amaze me, very nicely done.

  27. Beautifully written, I’m so glad you’re using your words, but not talking in class! lol I also loved the “bovine” description. Many of the things you mentioned stirred fond memories. I may have to check out Mama Kat’s blog.

  28. This was beautifully written! I love your last line, so incredibly sweet.

  29. You are from a beautiful place. So many thoughts and memories, quite a few not too different than my own, this one particularily “dinner at mid-day and supper in the evening”. That’s the way I was raised and In my heart, I still haven’t totally accepted the socially correct concept of dinner and supper being the same meal. 😉

  30. wow! This is just lovely ~ wanted to wait til I had time to drink it in. You drew me back in time and into your world completely!

  31. Ahhhh, nothing brings back memories like a good old ‘bovine’ smell, unless it’s a ‘porcine’ smell!
    By the time I worked in my Dad’s store, we were using tape on the butcher paper! Now that’s progress.

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