Sunday Morning “Coming Up”

It’s been a while since I’ve shared sunrise photos. Yesterday morning’s was certainly worthy of a blog post.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you may remember me posting that I keep a pair of flip-flops by each exit door in our house. That way, when there’s a outdoor photo op, I’m ready.

It’s always amazing how quickly the colors change in just a short length of time. The first photo was taken at 6:23, and the third one at 6:51.

The sunrise was just the beginning of a beautiful day in our area: guaranteed to give us all spring fever.

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “Sunday Morning “Coming Up”

  1. Beautiful. Was red over here down the river from you. Sposed to be nahsty later.

  2. I never tire of sunrise pictures and these are brilliant. Keep them coming!

  3. So glad to see the sunrise photos again. I think of you every morning when I see a particularly pretty one. Spring Fever – I’ve caught it!!!

  4. You see your sunrise over the water and here we see ours through the woods as it lights up the trees with spears of bright light. Sunrises are so magical wherever they are – I always think of it as a reminder that we start FRESH each day.


  5. It is true!! I will see something outside window, grab camera, and totally different outside and I am a fast walker.
    Good news, they are all beautiful in their own way!! Yours are beautiful!

  6. Awesome transition! You definitely caught this one at the right moment.. The colors & fog add so much..

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful always glad to see them back.

  8. I always love your sunrise photos! Just beautiful! I need to borrow your flip flops by the door idea!!

  9. The sunrise picture’s are beautiful, thank you for posting them.

  10. Those are beautiful photos.

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