Your Weekly Horse Report

I may not have a post EVERY week about the Corolla horses, but I probably don’t miss many weeks.

Here are pics from our most recent trip.  These two gave me some great photo ops:

Love the stance of the darker one in this picture; perhaps another horse spotted on the other side of the dune?

We also saw Raymond, the resident mule, again this week.  “Everybody loves Raymond”, especially our friend, Renee. She always comes to mind when we see him.

Inspecting a new fence perhaps?

I love the many old sprawling trees in Carova. This one made a perfect frame.

And, now for a bit of silliness.  As we ride the “back roads” of Carova, some things catch our eye that, at first glance, make us think we’re seeing a horse: garbage cans, barbecue grills, shrubs. (No, our eyesight really isn’t that bad; this usually happens from a distance.) Last week, Motor Man and I saw this tree, and both of us immediately thought of how much the top branches resembled a horse’s head.

Our trips to the beach always include talking, laughter, a picnic in our vehicle, enjoying all the sights…..and usually a little silliness thrown in for good measure.

~These Days Of Mine~



8 responses to “Your Weekly Horse Report

  1. Love this post! And yes– I see a horse head in that tree as well!

  2. YEP – I see it too! When David and I do our little “drives” we tend to do a lot of talking, joking, giggling AND include a roadside café or restaurant as a treat. No beaches around here to enjoy but we see a LOT of horses out here in horse country!

    Happy weekend……………..Pam

  3. A little silliness always helps – keeps us going too! Sometimes our ‘little drives’ are just to the convenience center to drop off trash – but it’s together time! And I LOVE the live oak trees in Corolla – perfect climbing trees! GREAT photos.

  4. So funny… I was thinking ‘horse’ as soon as I saw the pic of the tree.. good one !

  5. I love your weekly horse reports. This one is especially special.

  6. it does look like a horses’s head. sam

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your trips to the beach are heavenly. The horses, the fun, the togetherness. What more could you ask for. The pictures are great.

  8. It surely does look like a horse head! I thought so as soon as I saw the photo and hadn’t even read what you wrote about it. As always, I just can’t get enough of your beach horse photos!

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