Ohio-Virginia Friends

Actually, the title of this post should be Ohio-Virginia-North Carolina friends. You may recall my previous mentions of our friends, Renee and Mike. The four of us met on the beach at Carova a few years ago when Renee and I were both taking pictures of “our” wild horses. Yes, she’s as much a fan as I am.

Renee and Mike live in Ohio, but Carova may well be their favorite place in the world. Each year, they vacation there, and Motor Man and I take a trip to visit with them during that time.

Knowing that the four of us wanted to get an early start to our day, Motor Man and I drove to the Outer Banks the night before and stayed overnight. It was nice to wake to the sunrise over the ocean.

I particularly liked the sun’s reflection on the water’s edge…..and the footprints in the sand.

Then it was down to the business of spotting horses. And there were plenty to see, both on the dunes…

And by the ocean…

As per the usual for this time of year, there was a bit of a disagreement amongst a couple of stallions. I love that you can hear Renee say at the beginning of the video: “Woop, here we go!”


After a morning of riding, taking pictures and just catching up, we had lunch in the village of Duck.

Renee and Mike are such a sweet couple; it’s difficult and takes us forever to say: “til next time”.  Several hugs are always involved.

Who would ever think a friendship could come about from two “little girls” taking pictures of wild horses on a beach?

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6 responses to “Ohio-Virginia Friends

  1. On the beach you love so much, photographing the horses you see, is something many others enjoy as well – so you are bound to meet like-minded people there. It’s a bonus! I’m glad you meet up with your good friends when they visit….no doubt your friendship will last forever!


  2. I think a lot of friendships originate over little girls and big girls sharing their love for horses. What better way to meet friends than through the love of gorgeous horses and the bonus of seeing the horses running free on the beach!

  3. What a wonderful friendship. I expect those horse belong to a lot of ‘little girls’. I LOVE the horses against the backdrop of the rough surf.

  4. A great get-together in a beautiful setting ! With a horse bonus …. ; )

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Taking pictures of the horses and meeting up with friends, what more can you ask.

  6. Who would have thought, huh? Those horses aren’t just mesmerizing, they’re inspiring friendship. 🙂

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