When You Can’t Go Back To Sleep

Saturday night, Motor Man and I went to our local race track. (Yes, my two days’ post-op husband. And he made out just fine.) It was just after 11 pm when we got home. But race nights usually include several phone calls to and from our engine customers and/or other engine builders once we get home, so it was nearly midnight when all was said and done.

Then I had a difficult time falling asleep, so add another 30 minutes or so to that. At 4:30 yesterday morning, I was awake and unable to go back to sleep. So, finally around 5:45, I just got up and began my day.

As I opened the living room curtains, I realized waking up (and getting up) early isn’t so bad.

I was actually glad I hadn’t gone back to sleep.

After being greeted by a scene like this,

I certainly wasn’t going to complain.

Sometimes sleep is a little over-rated anyway.

~These Days Of Mine~


10 responses to “When You Can’t Go Back To Sleep

  1. The possibility of seeing that sunrise is worth pulling the alarm for. Thanks for sharing for those of us who weren’t up. Hope you caught up on your sleep the next night.

  2. Stunning!!!!i can never see too many sunrises!

  3. As you know I’m up before dawn every day and love seeing the sunrise…..I feel like THAT’s when my day starts. You caught a beautiful one too!!


  4. Those are beautiful photos. When I visit St. Augustine I always get up very early so I can photograph the sunrise.

  5. Gorgeous pictures. I am always amazed how quickly sunrise changes colors.

  6. very peaceful … almost as relaxing as sleep !

  7. That is a most impressive view Dianna. Makes me want to get up early too.

  8. Joyce M. Westphal

    Impressively beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Lovely sunrise progression! Never get tired of sunrises and sunsets! Gorgeous colors!

  10. Definitely worth being awake for!!

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