Random Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve shared random thoughts, so today seems a good day for that:

1.) Last Sunday, we celebrated Marshall’s birthday as we usually do: at The Olde Chickahominy House restaurant in Williamsburg.  If you’re ever in the area, the food is great, and the staff is so friendly.

2.)  An x-rated performance by one of our resident bird seed thieves squirrels. What a view from our kitchen window….

3.) One of this year’s babies, checking out the buffet. The love-hate relationship continues. I love how beautiful they are (just look at that sweet face), but hate that they destroy some of my plants. (The purple bloom in the foreground is a butterfly bush, which they ignore.)

4.) Speaking of deer, I’ve put netting over my gladioli to protect them. It’s worked up to a point, but, recently, when I checked, I saw they had pulled the netting off one of the plants and eaten the buds.  I have managed to salvage a few blooms. Glads are among my favorite plants, and apparently, the deer feel the same way.

5.) And last, but not least, Motor Man had surgery yesterday for a hernia that’s been causing him pain for the past three months.  It was outpatient, and he’s doing very well. We’re thankful that’s behind him, and he can begin the recovery. Oh, and I found a little something for him in the hospital gift shop. He named him “Herbie”.

Enjoy the weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. That squirrel!!!! I can’t unsee that!!! 🙂 SO happy Motor Man is doing so well and hopefully he will be up and around and doing better each day! Yay!

  2. It’s been a random kind of week hasn’t it. Love that you all have that Chickahominy House tradition……and that you have a squirrel that doesn’t mind mooning you from the feeder (haha)……also I think Herbie is a great cheerer-upper for JR as he recovers from his hernia surgery. I know both of you are glad that’s over with!!!


  3. an all over the place week for you and yours. hope mm a good recovery and as for the squirrel -)

  4. Great randoms! The deer spots sure were lined up nicely. I too like gladiolus, such a Southern flower on their unique delicate beauty. I need to plant some bulbs!
    No comment on the pole dancing squirrel…🤣 Great weekend of peace and serenity for recovery and rest to you both.

  5. The x-rated performance by the squirrel… LOL!
    Hope Motor Man continues to recover quickly and comfortably. I am sure Herbie will help with his recovery.

  6. Lorita B Hughes

    Love the all the pics and the comments! Wishing you and JR a nice quiet weekend of rest and healing.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    One of your best R5F. Your squirrel should be ashamed. lol What a nice tradition for Marshall’s Birthday. I agree with Donna, the markings on the fawn are perfect. Your gladiolus are beautiful sorry the deer like them too. What a cute little guy to keep JR company while he is healing. Glad everything went well. He has the best nurse he could have.

  8. Loved this blog. Wishing quick Healing for Motor man. Tell Marshall Happy Birthday. The pic of raccoon is hilarious and the deer beautiful. If you put food out for the deer would they stop eating your plants or would you just get 20 more to feed. I don’t have them at my house anymore. They stopped coming up the creek but I used to feed them and they didn’t eat plants, food for thought. Again, great blog

  9. would this be – instead of a cat scan- a ‘giraffe scan’ ?! that squirrel is ridiculous – no shame at all .. I guess it’s lose a plant, gain a view with the deer.. & I enjoyed Chickahominy House, once again !

  10. A lovely post if you don’t count the squirrel’s brazen display. Hope MotorMan is up and around and feeling great.

  11. Get well quick Motor Man. i hope you are pain free. all the good care you are going to get plus Herbie – you should be up and around in no time. — sam

  12. GREAT randomness!! You can’t go wrong with the Chickahominy House – Love the food, staff, and gift shop! Glad Motor Man is healing well!!!

  13. Love the fawn! Best wishes to Motor Man!

  14. Gosh, that squirrel was ‘mooning’ you! Naughty thing! 😉 As always, your randoms are great! Glad MM is doing well.

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