Something Has Been Missing

Perhaps you’ve noticed…. I haven’t had any recent posts about the Corolla Wild Horses.

So today, I’m remedying that situation.  These are pictures from one of our recent visits.

The beach was packed with folks enjoying perfect weather.  And the horses were enjoying the beach, too. I took quite a few pictures of one of the five babies born (so far) this year to the Corolla herd.

Mom and baby were running from the dune to the water’s edge when I took this:

The little one was so interested in the surf.

I think he may have even taken a drink.

Then he suddenly started running – this picture gives you an idea of what it’s like on the beach: people, beach chairs, umbrellas, vehicles, dogs, children….and wild horses right in the mix.  You really have to be on constant alert when you’re driving on the beach.

Ah, the family enjoying some time by the water.

Looking over my photo gallery, I can assure you that I’ll be writing more posts about the wild horses soon. There are some fun pictures just waiting to be shared.

~These Days Of Mine~



14 responses to “Something Has Been Missing

  1. So wonderful!

  2. With all the trips to the OBX i’ve taken i’ve yet to see the horses on the beach! We may have to remedy that soon! 😉

  3. Everyone and everything enjoys the beach in the summer time……everyone has fun in their own way (horse or human!).


  4. Nothing missing now! Great pictures of your horses! Gotta love the foals… a whole new world to them!

  5. WOW!!! The picture of the horses and vacationers together really shows how close they all live! Amazing! Can’t wait to see more!

  6. oh, how nice to see them again. I love how they are peacefully coexisting with the visiting humans.

  7. Cathy Treadwell

    Love the picture of horse among beach folks!!! Award worthy for sure!!!

  8. Wow! You got some great shots! Are you going to be riding the dunes over the week of July 4th? I’ll be in Kitty Hawk for a couple weeks. It would be great to see you and Motor Man!

  9. The horses look so “in-place” down on the beach.. you can tell it’s their home..

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The colt is precious. Keep the pictures coming.

  11. Those are great photos. Makes me want to visit that beach.

  12. I love it that people and the wild horses coexist in perfect harmony. Great shots by the way and the perfect family theme.

  13. Shahida tabassum

    Very precise and lively

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