One Hundred Twenty Years

My dad was born one hundred twenty years ago tomorrow.   This is the earliest picture I have of him, and I treasure it.  I inherited a chair like this from my mom, and although it could be one from the same set,  I like to think it’s the exact one.

So…..I COULD be over a hundred years old. But my dad was well into his fifties when I came along.

Dad was born in this sweet little house. It stood within a quarter mile of my childhood home.  When I was in my early twenties, it was vacant, and one day I just stopped and snapped this picture.  Not too many years later, it was destroyed by fire; perhaps caused by a lightning strike.


Dad died when I was eight months old, so I have no memories of him, just a few old family photos, such as this one of him and my mom as a young couple.

I especially like this picture. That old shed stood in the backyard of my childhood home, and my nieces, nephews and I played in there as children.

Mom told me she had this next photo “colorized” for me, so I would have a nice picture of my dad.

I’m sure, like all of us, he had his faults. But my mother never mentioned any.  She only told me good things about him.

And although I don’t remember him, I never forget July 9.

~These Days Of Mine~



10 responses to “One Hundred Twenty Years

  1. What great photos……Even though my Dad wasn’t born until 1916 I have a VERY similar photo of him to the one of your Dad by the chair as a little boy. I treasure it too. I’m sure your Dad has watched you grow up and become the happy lady you are today – angels are always with us and I wish yours a Happy Birthday.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. how great his story and the photos and how lucky you are to have the chair

  3. These photos and the stories attached to them are such treasures!

  4. I know all of these – except for the 3rd one.. I think .. I do remember the house, and I remember the old shed.. so much history in just a few images !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I remember the house your Dad was born in. Rode pass it many times growing up. The pictures you have of your Dad are precious memories. I know he has been looking down from Heaven and guiding you all these years, now the rest of your wonderful family is too.

  6. Photos of your father are indeed treasures. I can imagine how much you love having them! My hubby’s dad was born in 1898 so his 120th birthday was last year. Like your father, his dad was in his 50’s when my hubby was born.

  7. You pulled my heart strings today-I love the young picture of your Mom and Dad. I like to see them when they had all of the dreams ahead of them. So, so sweet. A great blog and Happy Birthday memory of your Dad.

  8. How fortunate you are to have these photographs. I’m sure they rekindle great memories.

  9. Marilyn Myers

    Wonderful pictures. So special that you have a chair like the one (or the very one!) in first pic. And I think if your dad had a beard and was wearing a Phish cap….he would look a lot like Marshall!♥

  10. What a wonderful walk down memory lane. Especially notable since you don’t remember him except the fond memories of those that loved him.
    Loved that big ol push lawnmower. My grandfather had one our little arms could hardly push!!

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