The Little Yellow Bench

Some time ago (perhaps a couple of years or more?),  I saw, in front of a nearby antique shop, a little faded yellow wooden bench. I don’t recall the details of that day, but either the shop was closed right then, or I didn’t have time to stop. But I called within the next day or two to ask about the bench.

And was told that it had just been sold. Yes, I was disappointed.

A few days later,  on my way to Marshall’s house, I spotted, in the yard of one of his neighbors….. the little yellow bench. Sigh.

Every time I was in the area, I’d look over at that little bench.  Sometimes it was in the front yard, then in the side yard. Sometimes it would be turned over from the wind. But each time I’d pass by that house, I’d look  for the little yellow bench.

About a month or so ago, as I rode by, I thought the bench was missing. But then, I spotted it: “dumped” upside down in an overgrown area near the house. (Let me just say that the homeowners don’t keep the tidiest yard.)  I decided then that, should  I ever see one of them outside, I would stop and ask if they’d like to sell the little yellow bench.

Friday afternoon, Motor Man and I were in the area, and there were two people standing in the front yard, chatting.  We stopped, and learned that it was the homeowner and his neighbor. I asked if he would like to sell the little yellow bench.

He said that I probably didn’t want it; that it had some issues, it was a little wobbly, etc. So he dragged it out of the flowerbed, pulling up weeds and vines along with it.  I asked what he’d take for it, and he said he’d give us $10 to take it away.  I offered to give him $20 for it, but he refused, and helped us load it in our truck.

Poor little dirty yellow bench.

You don’t know how long I’ve had my eye on you.

So the next day, I gave it a gentle bath, decided to angle it differently on our deck, and added a little throw pillow. The next step is to protect it with a clear finish to prevent further damage from the elements.

She’s definitely looking better than when she was  upside down in an overgrown patch.  And I’m definitely happy to have finally brought home that little yellow bench.

(And now that I’ve written this entire post about the little yellow bench, I’m thinking it’s actually more of a love seat.…)

~These Days Of Mine~





13 responses to “The Little Yellow Bench

  1. It was obviously meant to be with you. It does look very much at home. xo

  2. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Definitely true of that cute little bench! Reminds me of an Adirondack chair – probably loveseat. It definitely looks right at home. That was a GREAT rescue.

  3. LOVE it!!!

  4. What a great find and a great story too!

  5. Well, finally that little yellow bench (or love seat or whatever it is) has come home where it belongs. It looks great on your deck.

  6. What a sweet yellow love seat bench that took the long way home to find its true loving owner! Perfect pillow for it too.

  7. Some things are really worth the wait! That little pale yellow loveseat is lucky it “got found” by just the right person…………


  8. I had a feeling you’d get your hands on it one day … I know you’ll show it more care than the previous owners, and it’s in a much better spot .. & it looks like that pillow was just waiting for it, too –

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love this story!! Good things come to those who wait. It was made for your deck. Enjoy.

  10. And in the Adirondack style ! Those are $20 for a molded plastic version !( I love the style for my back – though not so much for my knees ! )Good for you for persisting !

  11. Your patience has been rewarded. You knew you needed another project….. and this one looks so sweet!

  12. It’s so perfect! I absolutely love that you rescued it and yes— it’s definitely a love seat!

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