To “Tide” Us Over

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, although the Outer Banks wasn’t hit directly by Hurricane Dorian, they still had lots of rain, strong winds and high tides. Friends of ours who live in the area have posted pictures of the roads in the 4-wheel-drive area.  Motor Man and I have decided that we will wait a while before we go back to visit.

So, I’m looking back on recent photos of “my” wild horses to pass the time until we can return.

And today, I’m featuring Raymond, the mule.  Yes, among the herd of between 75 and 100 wild horses, there’s one mule.  Raymond.  And everyone loves him.

His exact age isn’t known, but he’s been there a LONG time. Raymond’s the one on the far right.  Can you see his ears?

Here’s a close-up:

As far as everyone can tell, Raymond is a happy mule.  He’ll have a harem of mares, then lose them to a stallion, then steal another harem.  He’s quite the scrapper when it comes to fighting with those stallions. We’ve witnessed that in person.

So I suppose you could say that he blends right in with the herd.

We were happy to see photos posted of Raymond taken after the hurricane and know that he survived just fine, as did the horses.

Hang on, Raymond, we’ll be back to see you and your buddies as soon as possible.

~These Days Of Mine~


9 responses to “To “Tide” Us Over

  1. Glad all the horses AND Raymond fared well through the storm – they know how to do that better than humans do I think! Raymond is living large I think with the horses and looks quite happy. I know you will be happy when you can see all of them in person again – soon I bet!


  2. Of course, Everybody Loves Raymond!!! How could you not? Glad to hear that the horses did fine. Heard on the news this morning that a new foal was born on Hatteras Island sometime around the storm. Just makes you smile:)

  3. Raymond!! Love him! Great pictures of a tough animal with heart 😊

  4. I remember you posting about Raymond before, so I’m glad to hear he’s still “running with the big dogs!” 😉

  5. Yep, I like Raymond’s style .. a cool mule .. I wonder if the horses are thinking “who the heck is this guy ?”

  6. oh my gosh, what fun, happy news! Raymond looks like such a sweetie, scrapper and all. So nice to hear the horses made it through the storm!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Raymond has to be my favorite. He is special that’s for sure..

  8. Glad Raymond and the horses made it through Dorian ok!!! Such an aweful hurricane that just didn’t seem to want to quit.

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