And The Winner Is!

You may recall my blog post back in March where I announced a giveaway regarding the Corolla Wild Horse Fund 2020 calendar photo contest. The link to that post is here.

And….I am honored, once again, to have had TWO of my photos chosen for next year’s calendar.

This will be the June, 2020 photo (appropriate, since my birthday is in June):

You may also recall my post from a couple of weeks ago in which I sadly noted that the horse in the above photo was Joaquin. Joaquin was recently injured when trying to cross through a barbed wire fence and had to be euthanized because of those injuries. The 2020 calendar was already being printed at that time.

And this will be the November, 2020 photo:

So, for those of you who left a comment on my blog post choosing one of these photos, I assigned a number to your name and asked Motor Man to randomly select a number.

The winner will receive this little “prize package”, which includes a key chain, a packet of “Sandy Hooves” tea (by ‘Tea By The Sea’), the 2020 CWHF calendar,  a CWHF mug, postcard, and a black stallion magnet, all purchased at the Corolla Wild Horse Museum in Corolla, NC.

And the winner of this giveaway is: Joyce F in Kansas. I have notified Joyce by email that she is the winner.

Thank you to all my readers who participated. I’ve already started selecting possible photos for the 2021 CWHF calendar.

~These Days Of Mine~



10 responses to “And The Winner Is!

  1. Congratulations on having two of your photos selected for the calendar – it’s nice Joaquin is one of them…..also congratulations to the winner of your drawing!


  2. Congrats!!!! I am not surprised at all. Your pictures are amazing and how bittersweet that Joaquin is featured. Beautiful pictures of beautiful horses!

  3. Congratulations Dianna!

  4. Wonderful!! And Joyce F is one lucky gal. 🙂

  5. That’s a nice prize package, and a very good way to remember Joaquin. And you’re a winner, too – with two pics in the next calendar !

  6. Congratulations on your 2 photos being chosen for the calendar. You have a wonderful gift for photographing these magnificent beauties. I’m so thankful you got the one of Joaquin, it was so sad what happened to him.
    Congratulations to your winner too. She’ll be so happy with all those cool prizes.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I too add congratulations on the two beautiful pictures. To have Joaquin as one is very special indeed. Congrats to the winner too, wonderful package.

  8. Joyce F in Kansas

    Congratulations on having two of your photos chosen for the calendar! Living in land locked Kansas I always enjoy seeing your posts about the horses on the beach. And then, wow, you announced that I am the winner, not just of one of the calendars where your photos appear but also of a wonderful assortment of “wild horse related” goodies. Thank you SO much!!

  9. Joyce F in Kansas

    Sorry if this turns out to be a duplicate post. I had my comment typed and in and ready to be posted and it disappeared!
    Congratulations on having two of your photos selected for the calendar! Living in land locked Kansas I always enjoy seeing the photos of the wild horses on the beach. And then, wow, you announce that I am the winner, not just of the calendar but a wonderful selection of other wild horse related items. Thank you SO much.

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