Random Five Friday: Welcome, November

Five randoms for the first day of November:

1.) When I was a teenager, I somehow became interested in post-season baseball. I watched every playoff game and every World Series game.  It’s been many, many years since I’ve watched a game, but Motor Man and I came on board beginning with game 4 of the World Series this year. We were hooked, and watched the remaining games in their entirety. We rooted for the Nationals for two reasons: one, they’re the closer to us team. And also in memory of a friend  who passed away recently who was a huge Nats fan.

internet photo

2.) I do like getting dressed up for Halloween, something I never really did as a child. Motor Man and I got in the spirit just to go to dinner last night.  I was a stray kitty, and he was the animal control officer. (The belt was around my arm…. to “take me in” to the pound.) “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

3.) This weekend, our little town hosts a Holiday Open House with several shops participating. The forecast is for perfect fall-like weather. Pictured below is one of the rooms at Wharf Hill Antiques, always a beautiful shop.

photo courtesy of Visit Smithfield VA

4. Our weekend might also include a day trip and perhaps a little balloon chasing. Conditions should be favorable.

5.) This is a recent picture Marshall sent of his kitty, Sibyl.  She can’t wait for him to get home in the afternoon. That’s the sign of a happy kitty.

How will you spend the weekend? Any fall foliage in your area?

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6 responses to “Random Five Friday: Welcome, November

  1. Hope you and JR have a randomly fun weekend – it’s super windy here today but that’s a lot better than the heavy rain and wind last night! JR looks like he has mixed feelings about being a cat-catcher – cute idea for costumes though. LOL We have gorgeous foliage around here but after the wind last night – most of it will probably be on the ground.


  2. LOVE your randomness! You always bring me an early-morning smile! Beautiful morning after the storms last night. UMMM, could I borrow your ‘animal control officer’? I have a job for him! The Holiday Open House sounds like a perfect weekend opportunity! Enjoy your Fall weekend.

  3. Love your randomness!! Always a fun way to catch up. Not sure what we are doing this weekend— probably a lot of kitten time!

  4. We had a ferocious wind/rain storm come through yesterday and last night…hence, the trees are now quite bare. So our fall foliage scenes are over for another season. Not sure what we will do this weekend, but I’m excited for next weekend! See you soon!!

  5. Well, I’ll be downtown working the open house.. & probably be keeping up with the Sibs !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Enjoyed your R5F, Nice pictures We have some color so far. No plans for the weekend except church. We always enjoy that.

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