Furiday: Lap Buddy

Sundae has a new nickname around our house: lap buddy.

Every afternoon, when Motor Man gets home from the shop and relaxes in the recliner, Sundae immediately is on his lap.

This may not seem so unusual, except for the fact that she was never really a lap kitty, especially to Motor Man.  That all changed back in the spring when he had the double whammy of a broken shoulder AND a hernia, the latter requiring surgery.

Ever since then,  Sundae’s been his lap buddy.

And I don’t think he really minds.

~These Days Of Mine~



7 responses to “Furiday: Lap Buddy

  1. … that last picture, she looks like she’s saying, “Hey! You’re interrupting our lap session!” Cute, MJ

  2. I remember that she wasn’t especially a lap kitty when you got her – what a sweet change – quite the nurse. She knows she’s loved!!! Cute pictures!

  3. I’m sure he doesn’t mind…..and they really seem to know when we could use a cuddle or a snuggle or a warm kitty on the tummy/lap if we’re down or not well or injured. They are incredibly intuitive! I love that about them….


  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae was very willing to take care of her Motor Man when he was not feeling good so why stop now. So sweet.

  5. Keeping check on him .. she knows she’s needed .. ; )

  6. There is nothing better than a lap buddy. 🙂 Well, maybe a few things but not many.

  7. Oh so sweet. Our dear departed Callie was a lap kitty but when I went through my cancer surgery and recovery, she wanted to be with me more than ever. They just sense when they’re needed, I think. And it does both the kitty and the ‘pawrent’ a world of good.

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