Nature’s Power

This weekend, there was a storm off the coast of North Carolina and Virginia.  Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to drive on the beach at Corolla, we decided to go to Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore instead.

There was some interesting wave action visible as we crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  When we first saw this, we thought a couple of boaters were braving the rough waters and that we were seeing spray from the boats.

But, no, there were no boats.  Just wave action.

Motor Man used to fish these waters many years ago.  He said he’s never seen anything like this.

He also said there’s shallow water in this area.

Perhaps even a sandbar.

Earlier in the day, we had learned that a fishing pier at Buckroe Beach (also on the Chesapeake Bay) collapsed after being struck by a loose barge. That area was just a few miles out of our way as we headed home, so we stopped for some pictures.

The photos of the waves in the Bay were taken from the comfort of our vehicle as we crossed the bridge.  For these, we had to brave the wind and cold temperatures.

Sorry for the shaky video; it was difficult to hold my cell phone steady with the winds so strong.

We were definitely aware of the power of nature during yesterday.

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “Nature’s Power


    2 nd time th

  2. WOW!!! The waves are something else on the Chesapeake Bay. Fishermen will be anxious for the pier to be rebuilt, I’m sure.

  3. We’d heard it was a bad storm out there in the water……very rough and what a shame about the fishing pier but that will be up and running once the wind dies down…….Mother Nature let’s it all hang out sometimes doesn’t she!


  4. Such power… you captured it well !

  5. Holy moly!! Power indeed – that was some storm.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Amazing pictures!!

  7. wow! The force of water cannot be understated — great pictures! -MJ

  8. That really is something. I’d hate to be out on a boat in that.

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