Whirlwind Weekend

Motor Man and I had a very fast-paced weekend.

Friday morning, he headed to our local short track since several of our engine customers were practicing for Saturday night’s race. He came home and ‘tweaked’ a bit on one of the carburetors…..in the cool of our kitchen. I couldn’t help but think that his mom was looking down and shaking her head at all his carburetor tools on the table that was once in HER kitchen.

Friday afternoon, we met our hot air ballooning friend, Mark, and his crew for a balloon launch. It was just before sunset, and a beautiful evening for a flight.

Saturday morning, Mark had another flight scheduled: an EARLY morning one. So we got up a little before 5 in order to meet them for the launch.

That evening, we were back at Langley Speedway for the opening race of this season. It was a long evening, but one of our customers brought home a win, so it was worth the wait.

We left the track at midnight, but evidently, a combination of excitement and exhaustion kept me from falling asleep until nearly 2 a.m.

Yesterday, we took a break from the beach, knowing it would be packed with people, and instead drove to Cape Charles on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. We enjoyed riding around town and seeing the charming homes decorated beautifully for the 4th. Surprisingly, I didn’t think to take a single picture.

How was your weekend? Fast-paced or relaxing?


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7 responses to “Whirlwind Weekend

  1. Other than the noisy fireworks on 3rd and 4th it was a very relaxing and peaceful weekend! Glad you had a great weekend too.


  2. what a fun weekend, and i love the kitchen carb workshop )

  3. CONGRATS on the win. Love the eagle in the balloon shot. WOW – what a wonderful weekend you two had. Ours was relaxing-took a leisurely drive through the country in a neighboring county to visit haunts of our youth to find that some are just not there anymore! Time moves on but nicely.

  4. What a great weekend! How funny motor man used his mom’s kitchen table you’d found as a makeshift shop bench 🙂 This was the loudest 4th I remember in ages. Seems everyone wanted to celebrate this year. Love the balloon visits – and that eagle’s nest, what a bonus.

  5. Very “summery” post today … Pretty cool having seen that balloon in-flight already – and congratulations on the win !! & I bet his mom would have no problem with engine-related work taking place there ; ) The evening of the 4th this time around was different from any I remember – instead of one big fireworks show put on by the town, there were dozens of backyard mini-shows all around ..

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You and JR will need a rest after the weekend you had. I know you enjoyed it. We just had a peaceful 4th.

  7. You surely did have a busy weekend. You sound like me, so much excitement in a day keeps me from falling asleep. Over-stimulation, I guess? Our weekend was pretty calm and relaxing.

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