Daily Archives: July 29, 2020

Windowpane Wednesday: Swinging

A few weeks ago, when I completed the One Word Wednesday alphabet “series”, I asked for ideas from my readers for a new Wednesday blog meme. One of my friends suggested “Windowpane Wednesday”.  As you know, I often share photos of the wildlife in our yard, many of which are taken through a window.

I don’t know that there will be a Windowpane Wednesday each week, but today, I thought I’d test the waters.

Motor Man and I are enjoying the bird feeders outside our kitchen window. We also have feeders and a swing for the hummingbirds. I remember the first time I saw a hummie on the swing and still find it hard to believe that they perch on it.

This little girl was enjoying the swing on a breezy day a couple of weeks ago. (Please either mute the sound or excuse the background audio from our scanner; sometimes a downside to videos taken through a windowpane.)


Stay tuned to see if Windowpane Wednesday actually becomes a ‘series’, and thanks, Lori, for the idea.

~These Days Of Mine~