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Poetic Thursday: Geisha

It’s Thursday, so that means poetry with Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats.

There have been a few Poetic Thursday photos that have really challenged me, and this was one of them.

Here’s my poem for this week:


My knowledge of the geisha was very small:
it could fit on the tip of a parasol.

But learning new things is a fun thing to do,
so I’m sharing some of my knowledge with you.

Becoming a geisha is quite a process:
learning the arts, make-up and appropriate dress.

Hostessing parties for executive men,
keeping things running smoothly and knowing when

to intervene when a situation becomes tense;
being subtle about it, so no one takes offense.

The geisha are well educated, but can expertly serve tea;
they spend hours at the hairdressers and study calligraphy.

Graceful and confident, beautiful and strong,
they can talk politics, dance or sing you a song.

But there are very few geisha in these modern days,
just those who enjoy learning the ancient ways.

The web-site where I found my information is here. I found it to be very interesting. Thanks, Pam, for expanding my horizons!

~These Days Of  Mine~