Daily Archives: July 22, 2020

New Fans

Some friends of ours are in the Outer Banks on vacation this week. Yesterday, Motor Man and I introduced them to the beaches and horses of Carova.

There were too many in the group to all ride with us in our Tahoe, so some of our ‘horse tour’ guests followed us in two vehicles. Let’s just say that the sand was rather dicey in some areas, and a few of the mud holes were especially deep…… but everyone made it through. After some stressful moments (for some of us), everyone had a great time.

I was thankful the new horse fans were able to see one of this year’s babies. This is Sebastian.

One of our guests is a race engine customer of ours. He enjoyed the day, but, like Motor Man, this isn’t exactly HIS kind of horsepower.

The girls, however, were thrilled to see the wild horses. It was the first time on  the four-wheel-drive beach for everyone in the group.

We saw a total of 39 horses including three by the ocean:

Over the past several years, Motor Man and I have given several of our friends their first wild horse ‘tour’.  It’s fun to share our happy place….. treacherous sand and deep mud holes notwithstanding.

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