Poetic Thursday: Together

It’s time for poetry with my friend, Pam, and her kitties, Teddy and Angel Sammy at Two Spoiled Cats.  Each week, they provide us with a photo for inspiration to write a poem for the following “Poetic Thursday”.

This is the photo they gave us last week:

And here is my poem:


We’ve been together all these years
so many smiles and very few tears.

I lean on you, you lean on me,
and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

A day at the beach: it’s our happy place,
toes in the sand, we’ll set our own pace.

The warmth of the sunshine, the smell of the sea;
there’s nowhere else we’d rather be.

We need each other now more than ever,
and the best place to be is always together.

It appears that the couple in the photo has a few years on Motor Man and me. So my poem was written about them AND us!

The beach IS our happy place.

~These Days Of Mine~



8 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Together

  1. Sweet poem and I thought of you when I found that photo for Poetry day. As for aging – well – we’re as old as we feel. In our hearts we’re usually younger than by the calendar!


  2. How sweet! Ours too. Just walking together anywhere but especially on the beach.

  3. The beach, the mountains, we need to love and appreciate both, especially when we are with those we love…….very good.

  4. That photo was perfect for you and MM (although yes, the pictured couple has several years on you!). I love your poem – it describes exactly our feelings for our spouses as we walk through life’s journey together. And if it’s on the beach? What could be better, right???

  5. Are they walking because their vehicle got stuck ??!! 😉

  6. Love your poem💗😸Pawkisses for a Happy Thursday🐾😽💞

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A sweet poem meant for a lovely and sweet couple.

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