Windowpane Wednesday: Outside Looking In

Today’s Windowpane Wednesday is a bit different than my previous posts.

Early morning, especially right around sunrise, is arguably my favorite time of day. I enjoy walking out on our deck, watching the sun rise, and ‘taking in’ the quiet.

Well, it’s quiet until Sundae realizes I’m out there, and calls me from inside the door.

” I want you to come back inside. My food dish is empty.”

It’s okay, Sundae.  Just enjoy the view.

“I see it.  But it doesn’t help my food situation.”

But look at how pretty the sunrise is.

“Hello, anybody out there that can come fill my food bowl?”

I’ll be right in, Sundae.

“And not a minute too soon. A cat could starve, you know, while you’re out watching the sun rise.”

~These Days Of Mine~


8 responses to “Windowpane Wednesday: Outside Looking In

  1. HAHAHA……this is pretty much precisely why the first thing I do before I go enjoy the sunrise is feed Ted – otherwise – well…..YOU KNOW!


  2. Poor Sundae— it is very difficult to live with and understand humans.

  3. How precious, and what a beautiful sunrise reflected in the glass of the door.

  4. I love the reflection in the glass! Are you a coffee drinker? Your deck would be purrfect for it!

  5. Gotta love the reflection – the best of both worlds here !

  6. Maybe Sundae is like our grandchild — as soon as she awakens in the morning she says her tummy hurts because it needs food!! 😉

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What fun pics of Sundae. Love the reflectional in the door.

  8. That is precious and beautiful!

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