Beach Report

Yesterday, as we often do, Motor Man and I took a day trip to Carova, NC, the four-wheel drive beach on the Outer Banks.

The weather was very changeable: there was sun, clouds, mist and showers. But for most of the time we were at the beach, the weather was partly cloudy, and the temperature nice enough to have our windows down.

We saw around 40 horses, give or take one or two. And we saw a couple of this year’s babies. I thought it looked like this one was having a conversation with the cattle egret.

This handsome little guy was joining his mom and dad down by the ocean.

Aw, a Sunday afternoon stroll by the seaside with Mom.

Cattle egrets  were everywhere.

The ocean was a bit angry, thanks to Hurricane Paulette, which is thankfully, quite a distance off shore. That storm is only expected to bring rough seas to our area. We had no problems, but I saw on Facebook that, when the tide came in later in the afternoon, there was very little driving area between the ocean and the dunes.

Every trip to the beach is different, but it’s always a fun time.

~These Days Of Mine~




8 responses to “Beach Report

  1. Another great day at the beach! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks beautiful – like it always does!


  3. Relaxing and beautiful drive! Love when the ocean waves kick up – so pretty. Beautiful, new crop of Corolla horses.

  4. Someday we’re going to get on that beach with you and MM!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    More good pictures of those beautiful animals and the ocean. What more can you ask.

  6. yep, they’re saying it’s going to be an active hurricane season .. great pics, as usual ! looks like the horses are doing their thing !

  7. I would love to visit that beach if I ever get up that way.

  8. I wish some day I could live in that area, see the beautiful horses in their wild freedom. It just seems like a little piece of heaven.

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