Trail Ride On The Beach

A few months ago, Motor Man and I learned of a trail ride near Hatteras, North Carolina.  He immediately encouraged me to set a date to do this. Of course, Covid-19, among other things, got in the way of that.

But, we finally made arrangements, and last Tuesday was the day. The ride started at 8 a.m., so we were up around 2:30 and left home an hour later. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour drive for us to Hatteras.

There were approximately a dozen riders and three guides.  Riders were paired up with horses according to the rider’s experience, size, etc.  My horse was named Sizzle. (My first thought was sizzle, as in firecracker, and I was a bit worried, but she was great.) She was one of the horses wearing a muzzle, because they tend to want to stop along the trail to munch on foliage.

Thankfully, I had a pocket inside my jacket in which to keep my cell phone. Our ride through the forest took us about 45 minutes. The trail was just wide enough for one horse, and took us through three water holes. The water was splashing up to my boots as we rode through those. I would have loved a picture, but knew better than to take my phone from my pocket.

Then we arrived on the beach….. and I definitely took out my phone at that point. Talk about a PERFECT day. You can just barely see Sizzle’s ears in the lower left of the picture. I think she’s enjoying the ocean view.

The more experienced riders cantered along the shore. But Sizzle and I just kind of plodded along. I think she knew I wasn’t quite ready for a canter. (Perhaps next time.)

Motor Man had made friends with the boyfriend of one of the other riders, and they were able to drive out on the beach to meet us. It was nice to be able to have him in some of the pictures.

When we began our return ride to the stables, Motor Man discovered that we would be riding across the path they were driving on.  He took this picture through the sea grass.  I love the happiness.

Recently, we’ve started making little videos while we’re on our day trips, and I’ve been sharing them on Facebook. Here’s one we did right before the trail ride:


This was one of the many times Motor Man strongly encouraged me to do something. As is usually the case, I’m sure glad he did.

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7 responses to “Trail Ride On The Beach

  1. I think almost all of us who have learned to ride dreamed of (and/or DID!) a ride on the beach on our horses. It’s like one of those iconic moments in many movies, videos, etc. – just one of those things that we want to do. My riding days are well over thanks to many things including painful arthritis (!) but I’m sure this won’t be your last time on the beach riding!


  2. What a wonderful day!!!! ❤️

  3. aww !! That photo through the sea grass is pure joy. You need to frame that one and have it right where you can see it : ) Love this, MJ

  4. the shot of you coming up over the dune looks like a movie shot ! – & that beach image has to be one of your best from the day .. glad you went for it !

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Our husbands know us better than we know ourselves sometimes. So happy for enjoyed it. Great pics.

  6. Oh my goodness! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this. You on a horse at the beach — what could be a happier, more pleasant day for you?? I’m glad you did this too.

  7. Good For You!!!! Love seeing you chase your dreams with the nudge from your Motor Man! The picture of you through the sea oats is my favorite!

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